Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Choosing Your Target Audience @cpa marketing

many marketers who are new to promoting CPA offers tend to make the mistake of focusing more on the offer itself and end up losing potential profit by not matching the offer with the right audience.
Here are a few tips that will help you stay on track and be sure to focus on choosing the right offer for your target audience:

Test, Test, And Then Do Some Testing

Do not guess what your target audience will respond to. First research your demographic and then find a CPA offer that makes sense to them.
A good way to to a quick test for free is to send it out to your friends and family. To get an honest opinion, don’t tell them it’s something your trying to promote to make money.
Never stick with one offer at first. Always split test with a few in case your reseearch was off the mark. Rotate several offers for a while and remove the ones with the lowest percentage of conversion rates. Add new ones to the rotation and keep doing that until you find one that has killer conversions.
You should be able to see decent results quickly if you have done research and discovered what type of people your audience is, what pushes their buttons, and what that market needs.

Statistics And Tracking

CPA marketing is a numbers game and aside from matching the perfect offer with the right target audience, it’s extremely important to keep testing and pay attention to the statistics and track your results, making necessary changes as you go.

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