Monday, December 8, 2014

RebelMouse – Why You Should Incorporate It

You may have heard of a fairly new social media service called RebelMouse. What you do is hook up your website and social media profiles and they will keep your page updated without any work on your part. All you have to do is head over to and start your free account right now.

What is RebelMouse?

RebelMouse is a social media website that will create a page for you based on all of your other social media profiles. It is a very nice interface and it ends up representing your stories tremendously. A lot of websites are trying to build traffic to their RebelMouse profile because it can help for social shares and brand recognition. Plus, all your updates can be in one nice and easy place.

What does a RebelMouse Page Look Like?

I just hooked up my RebelMouse about 30 minutes before I started writing this article. This is what my page looks like already from my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

I am extremely happy with this result and it took about 5 minutes of effort on my part. Now all I have to do is keep my social media profiles updated and my RebelMouse will keep my content updated. This is the exact reason that this service was able to grow so fast.

Advantages of RebelMouse

To finish the article, I want to give you some advantages of RebelMouse.
Quick Social Bookmarks: Update your Twitter and you will update your RebelMouse profile. This gives you a quick and easy social bookmark to your article.
Connect Everything: Let’s say someone follows you on Twitter and you advertise your RebelMouse page. They go to it and find blog articles, Instagram photos, and even Facebook updates. Everything is in one nice and easy place.
More Fans and Followers: RebelMouse can help you get your Twitter followers to like you on Facebook and join your Google circles and vice versa. Just advertise your RebelMouse page across your social media profiles and get your customers to follow you everywhere.
You can Categorize: One of the features of RebelMouse is that you can categorize your posts. For example, you can create other pages besides your main one based around one category or niche. This is a great way to keep your blog content and social media content organized.

RebelMouse – In Conclusion

There is no reason that you do not have a RebelMouse. It updates for you and you could literally set it and forget it. Sign-up now, connect your profiles, and link to your RebelMouse from your blog. It will not be the solution or the ultimate answer to your problems, but it does not hurt to utilize.

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