Friday, December 12, 2014

Make Money Online With Forums

There are many different mediums that can help you make money today. Different websites want your content or information and they are willing to give you backlinks for it. Forums might be one of the best ways to not only get backlinks, but also help get clickthroughs to your website. I recommend using forums to send people to your squeeze page so you can gain customers for life.
Below I will give you some of my secrets and how I Make Money Online with Forums.
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Make Money Online With Forums

1. Create a Squeeze Page and Free Product

Now you do not have to program a squeeze page and spend months creating some type of groundbreaking product. My recommendation is to pay someone to do your squeeze page if you do not have programming experience. You will find that a professional can help it to convert better as well, making it worthwhile.
As for the product, you can either buy a PLR product and edit it to your specifications, or pay someone to create a product for you. The third option is to create your own product, which depending on the quality might not be worth it to give away for free. If you are going to create a product, I would make two versions. One is the shortened or free version that does not contain all the information. Offer your other product for $37 and add valuable content and add-on to your shortened product.

2. Join Forums Related to your Niche

There are two things you need to check before joining any forum. First, make sure that they allow links in the signature. You can figure this out by scanning through the message board and seeing if other people have them, or by searching through the forum rules. Next, make sure there are a lot of people active and online. You do not want to join a forum that does not have traffic because then it will be harder to capture leads.
If your niche is internet marketing, then go for forums like Warrior Forum and Digital Point. Each of these are highly targeted towards internet marketers. If your niche is “stop smoking,” then either head over to and do a quick search or just Google “stop smoking forums” and join the two largest ones you see.

3. Create an Attention Grabbing Signature – Link to Squeeze Page

Okay this step is very important. Depending on your offer, you need your signature to provide some type of solution for people. For example, “How I Stopped Smoking in One Month Flat – FREE REPORT!” If I were a smoker trying to quit, this would seem reasonable and worth it to me to learn more. This is where you would send the person to your squeeze page, and offer them the report in exchange for their email.

4. At least 10 Posts Per Day

You do not have to go on the forums for hours every day and give your insight. In fact, I recommend you start small by just responding to others until you get at least 100 posts. Then, I would make a thread that will create a discussion. Continue to remain active in this thread and you will find that thousands of people will view it over time. These are people that continuously see your signature and links in it.

All in all, forums can help you capture leads and gain subscribers. You can continue to sell to your subscribers for a lifetime.

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