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Pick Your Poison: CPA Marketing

Welcome to the first round of ‘Pick Your Poison’.
The ‘Pick Your Poison’ series is here to give you a basic (30,000ft. view) understanding of the various, most popular, income generating methods used by Internet marketers today.
It should also give you an idea as to whether or not it’s something you’d be interested in doing… after all, you didn’t get into IM to bore yourself stupid, did you?
It’s a lot easier to hit six figures when you enjoy what you’re doing!
Today’s profile… CPA
Cost-Per-Action (CPA)
CPA Marketing is similar to Affiliate Marketing, in the sense you promote various offers and get paid a commission for each prospect you get to ‘take an action’.
Where it differs from traditional Affiliate Marketing however, is that for the most part instead of promoting actual products, you’ll be promoting things like ‘Free Trials’, or getting people to submit their email addresses, or their zip codes… these are what are known as ‘the actions’.
Basically, the Advertisers (the companies that provide the offer) use Publishers (that’s you!) to gather market data (e.g. zip codes), generate leads (e.g. email addresses) or get people to try their product or service in the hopes of gaining a new customer (e.g. free trials), among other things.
Another difference between CPA and traditional Affiliate Marketing is that you, the Publisher, probably won’t be working directly with the Advertiser.
Instead, you’ll be a part of a ‘CPA Network’, which acts as a middle man between you and the Advertiser, which makes things a lot easier for everyone.
The Advertiser will list their offer with the CPA Network, the CPA Network makes the offer available to the Publisher (you), and keep track of the successful ‘actions’ you provide. The CPA Network then gets paid, and in turn, they pay you.
How You Make Money:
The ‘cost’ in Cost-Per-Action is the cost to the Advertiser of paying the Publisher / CPA Network their commission for getting a prospect to complete an action.
The amount you get paid depends on the offer, and usually the payout is higher depending on the complexity of the offer.
For example, getting someone to submit their email address may only pay out a dollar or so, but people don’t mind giving out their emails so much, so you can convert a lot of prospects.
Getting someone to submit their credit card details for a free trial is a little tougher though, so the payouts are more along the lines of $25 and up.
Also, when you sign up to a CPA Network, you’ll usually get assigned an Affiliate Manager.
The Affiliate Manager will work with you directly to provide any support you need, because if you make money, they make money!
You should start developing a good relationship with your Affiliate Manager (sometimes referred to as an ‘AM’) because if things go well, you can negotiate even higher payouts, and get given access to the best offers not made available to everyone else.
Cost To Get Started:
If you’ve got a printer with an ink cartridge and a stack of paper, you could get started right away printing flyers for no cost whatsoever!
Otherwise you’ll probably need a website, which means the cost of a domain name and web hosting… so around $20 or so.
How Soon Will You See A Return:
You could start earning commissions the very same day! You only have to wait for your CPA Network’s ‘payday’, but they usually pay out every two weeks or so on average.
The payout intervals change with each Network and you can join more than one at a time. In fact that’s usually a good idea since different Networks have different offers.
Profit Potential:
You could complete your Six Figure Mission with CPA alone if you wanted to.
Think about it… if you’re promoting an offer that pays out $25, you only need 11 people to sign up each day to earn $275 and hit your $100,000+ per year.
If you’ve got flyers around town with 2,000 people passing by it every day, how hard to you think it will be to get just 11 people taking an interest?
Alternatively you could try getting around 200 email addresses online each day… which might seem like a lot… and it is, but if you’ve got 20 different websites running on autopilot, that brings the number down to only 10 emails per site, per day.
The best option? Mix it up a little with high end offers, low end offers, online and offline marketing.
General Activities:
The beauty of CPA Marketing is that it’s as simple to do offline as it is online.
Offline, you’re looking at using classified ads, posting flyers in town centers and college campuses, postcards and many more creative methods too… the list goes on.
Online, the most popular method is to put together a good squeeze page that makes the offer seem irresistible.
Alternatively, with a blog, a little keyword research and some good content, it’s not difficult to get to the top of Google’s front page for a whole heap of targeted traffic every day.
CPA is probably the most creative method of earning big with IM… so if you’re accustomed to ‘thinking outside the box’ then this could very well be your weapon of choice.

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