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Aweber Review: Why I Prefer Aweber Email Marketing Most

When it comes to email marketing, you need a reliable assistance in your email marketing venture. The service that comes in the top of the list is “Aweber”. Aweber is a great email marketing service that can assist you for lifetime as your email marketing PA! Ya that’s true; with 15 years of experience and 100,000+ customer base Aweber stands to deliver the deliberate result with professionalism.

What is Aweber?

Aweber is a email marketing software system, which was founded in 1998 and HQ located at Pennsylvania. The company currently serves more than 100,000 customers with its good reputation strong technological support and useful features. Primary features include autoresponders, email newsletter, webform, converting email from RSS etc. Aweber also has an extensive support guide with useful tutorials and there are many text and video tutorials online to use the service of Aweber. Moreover their pricing is also competitive and fair.
Aweber Email Marketing Review

Why Choose Aweber Email Marketing?

I love Aweber for 3 reasons:
1. This is the first email auto responder that I came to know from the starting of my online career and that I used to posses a high value for.
2. Many popular internet marketers, experts and gurus are using Aweber!
3. Aweber has many great reviews and positive feedback online, and I didn’t hear any strong negative feedback about Aweber ever!

Aweber Review

Easy Setup without any extensive knowledge: Aweber is easy to setup with
Autoresponder support
Unlimited number of follow up emails/messages
Web form generator: Aweber comes with a good collection of web form templates that you can use to set emails even without any HTML or CSS knowledge.
Reliability: To ensure every email goes to subscribers inbox instead of bulk/spam, Aweber authenticates email campaigns with Domainkeys and SPF. Aweber put emails through the content filters to check the possibility of email caught with spam filter, so you can edit them before sending. You can send email in both HTML and text format whichever you choose as well.
Statistical report: Statistical report which help you to analyze the data and performance. It comes with various report such as email tracking, check how many of the receivers opened your email as well you can resend email to them who didn’t open it last time!
You can also ad tracking data
365 days customer support and service
Other important features: Twitter & Facebook integration, library of email templates to choose from, split test, sending auto emails to the subscribers whenever any new post is published on your website. Other important features required for any email campaign

How Aweber Works

In today’s online world, email optin is an important business strategy to capture sales and leads. To capture the leads you need to keep in touch with customers and one of the most effective way to communicate is through email. To gather the email address, you need a dedicated service who not only capture these email addresses but also provide you the facilities to send emails to the customer. Aweber does this work as the service provider with a small fee in return from the service taker.
To capture the email address, marketers offer something valuable and mostly free stuffs to the public and people are interested to gain the free stuffs in exchange of their email address and sometimes name. In return, Aweber store these email address which you can further use to send communicative emails, send periodic offers, inform about the updates on your website etc etc.
Aweber also works when you are not in front of computer. You just set scheduled email and Aweber will send those emails at a periodic intervals to new and existing customers. The autoresponder allows to draft or craft scheduled messages or emails, set followup messages to keep in touch with offers. Once you generate an email, you can also set it to be received by every new subscribers after they sign up. How cool is that! Moreover if anyone unsubscribes they will be automatically opt-out from your email list.
Aweber not only generates emails, it can also save

Aweber pricing

Upto 500 Subscribers > Free
501-2500 Subscribers > $10
2501-5000 Subscribers > $30
50001-10000 > $50
10001-25000 Subscribers > $130
25001+ > Connect with Aweber review.

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