Sunday, August 31, 2014

Domain Extension Debate: EMD

The debate about domain name extension importance continues and will probably continue for years into the future. Reading SEO blogs you will find experts argue that domain name extension is very important in search engine ranking algorithms and others that say domain name extension has absolutely no value whatsoever, which begs the question, who is right?
Though the exact search engine ranking algorithms aren’t publicly known, SEO experts have argued for years that some domains are thought to be more “trusted” than others and thus looked upon more favorably in the eyes of Google for both straight search engine ranking and for backlink juice. Extensions like .edu or .gov extensions are harder for the average person to secure and therefore thought to have more inherent trust and ranking value.
I have always felt that if there is so much debate and evidence on both sides of the argument, then there are much more influential variables in the algorithm I should be worrying about than domain name extension. If domain name extension was indeed very influential, then there wouldn’t be so much debate…at least that’s my feeling.
With that said, just in case there is a very small weight placed on extension, the rankings (at least for US traffic/sites) would probably look similar to these…
Also note that there are many other less popular extensions not shown above and over 100 country specific domains.
Even though I don’t place a whole lot of emphasis on domain extension, I place A LOT of emphasis on getting a domain that is exactly the same as my primary keyword. This is known as an EMD or exact match domain. If my primary keyword is [Fastest Diet Solution] than an EMD would be or
Exact Match Domains are more important than domain extension!
Because I value EMD over domain extension, I would rather have an EMD with an extension on the lower end of the chart above than a non-EMD domain with an extension on the higher end. Just something to keep in mind as you are picking your next domain!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

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