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top 10 Ways to Upsell to Make a Profit

Ways to Upsell to Make a Profit
Upselling is a sales technique used to sell something else to a consumer right after they purchased something from you, opted in to your email campaign, or downloaded a free offer. Usually the upsell is more profitable or preferable instead of or in addition to the original sale such as an upgraded version or an add-on to what the customer received, or a more expensive item in the same niche. Another type of upsell is to expose your customer to other options that they may not have considered before. The up-sell is geared towards making the transaction more profitable for the seller.

    How this works is when the transaction for the original product has been completed they are sent to your upsell page where you offer them other items they may be interested in.

Here are 10 ways to Upsell to Make a Profit

1. Upsell Other Products

  • Suggest a specific product or products that go with the purchased product, and explain why the two go together so well.
  • Explain why that additional product would make life so much easier for the customer.
  • Point out what types of problems the additional product could help the customer avoid.
  • Don’t leave the offer on the table too long – limited time only often works well for many situations.
  • Demonstrate how the two products can work together to create superior results.
  • Point out how solutions would be so much easier with the product than without.

2. Using Discounts to Upsell

  • Make the discount part of the payment process. Offer a combined discount if they order two or more products.
  • Send a discount authorization number in the “thank you” email that acknowledges the placement of an order.
  • Make the customer feel special, i.e. not everyone gets a discount like this.

3. Build an Email List of Preferred Customers

  • Give them a fixed discount on all future purchases
  • Give them special advance pricing on new products.
  • Always appreciate the past business from the customer. Make it a point to mention it. They’ll feel special because you remembered.
  • Add a link to every email that takes readers right to the discounts.
  • Address the customer by name from time to time.
  • Ask the client for ideas on what they could do with the additional product.

4. Combine Different Types of Products

  • Offer an eBook along with a video.
  • Mixing and matching can create some appealing choices for customers.
  • Pair new products with older products

5. Use Testimonials in Your Upsell

  • Collect and use testimonials in your up-selling.
  • Hearing what a good deal this is from another customer sometimes will close the deal when you can’t.

6. Keep The Upsell Process Simple

  • Too many options may confuse your customer

7. Thank Your Customer Even if They Do Not Buy Your Upsell Offer

  • Send an email or snail mail letter or postcard thanking them for their purchase with a link to more products and services. (Or use both email and snail mail. Your customer will appreciate being appreciated!)

8. Offer a Free Upsell Item For Referrals

  • This can lead to more leads and sales

9. Make Your Customer Want to Read Your Upsell

  • Gives your visitors also in the header text a reason to read on. Use something like:
    • ‘Interesting related products’,
    • ‘Other viewers of this product bought these items’ or
    • ‘Other customers bought these offers’.

10. Use Your Downloaded and Thank You Pages to Upsell

There you have it; 10 highly profitable ways to implement the art of upselling to your customers. If you are not using upsell technique you are losing money. Boost your bottom line by taking the extra steps to add one or more of the upsell methods we have gone through here in this article.

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