Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Get Ideas For Writing

Can’t think of any new and fresh ideas to write about ?  Follow a few of these techniques to get your creative juices flowing again.
How to Get Ideas For Writing
Subscribe to RSS feeds on various topics in your niche. Scan the feeds to see if any of the articles spark your interest. Tag them using your own personalized classification system for later referral.
Subscribe to a few different online and printed magazines. Keep your Smartphone,  laptop or pen and paper close by  so you can write down idea that may interest your readers.
Take pictures of interesting places, events, and moments you come across in your daily life.
Record ideas immediately as they come to you.
Scan comments posted by others on the online articles you read. Record interesting ideas, pros and cons of an issue, and strong opinions posted by others.  Write articles based on these opinions.
Network with friends and colleagues. Brainstorm different topics to create new ideas.
Take time to just think. Find a time to be alone with no distractions. Quiet time will give you insights you can use to regain the ideas and motivation to go forward.
Combine two or more ideas and change or improve an existing idea to come up with your own idea.
  • Get writing  inspiration from online  sites such as
  • Technorati,
  • Digg,
  • Delicious,
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo’s buzz log
  • Google news
  • etc.
Hundreds of new articles and news stories are posted every hour! Use them to springboard your own ideas.
Ask yourself questions on issues in your niche such as:
  • what if,
  • what else,
  • why
Search the Internet to find answers from different sources.
Every night, transfer your ideas to Google notes and upload your pictures to Flickr so you have access to them anywhere.

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