Saturday, July 19, 2014

Building an Email Marketing List

Building an email marketing list is the best way to make money fast online because it is the easiest.
            1. Build Your List
            2. Write an Email
            3. Push Send

While building an email marketing list of thousands of subscribers may sound like a marketer’s dream it is not. A marketer’s dream list is a big email marketing list with responsive subscribers who look for your emails in the many they receive every day.
A good email marketing list will bring in approximately $1/mo for every subscriber on it so if you have 3,000 subscribers then you should be able to make $3,000/mo.

Unresponsive Email Marketing List

You may already have an unresponsive email marketing list sitting in your auto-responder account.  Start a new campaign concentrating on laser targeting your market. Then when someone joins your email marketing list it is because they are interested in your niche. (Do not delete the old list – send them an invitation to join your new list! Once you have sent a few invitations you can now delete the list as those are your deadbeats.)

4 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List

  • Ad Swapping
    • Find an internet marketer who has an email marketing list about the same size as yours whose niche complements your own
    • Both of you send a solo ad to your entire email marketing list.
A good swap should increase your email marketing list by about 10%.
To keep your email marketing list responsive do not do this very often. Too many ad swaps and your followers will revolt.
To find an Ad Swap partner Google ‘ad swaps’ or ‘jv partners’.
  • Viral Reports
    • Create an amazing report using your best information
    • Add links to your squeeze page
    • Put giveaway rights on it as long as nothing is changed
    • Turn it into a .pdf
    • Give it away to your subscribers, put it on your website and social media sites, send it to your jv partners, submit it to websites that offer free stuff…..and let them know they can give it away for free.
  • JV Giveaways
    • Join an upcoming JV Giveaway as a contributor
    • Create squeeze page with a free offer
    • Promote the Giveaway
You can easily find new JV Giveaways by Googling it.
An added bonus to email marketing list JV Giveaways is that you can usually make money on the one-time-offers if someone you refer upgrades or purchases an OTO.
  • Get Organic Traffic – Optimizing Your Squeeze Page.
    • Use your keywords in the:
      • Headline
      • Page title
      • Meta-tags
      • sub-heads,
      • in the URL, and
      • first sentence
      • 4% word density
Other ways to optimize your squeeze page is
  •  use SI (Latent Semantic Indexing – (use a thesaurus)
  • Get incoming links.
  • Use off site optimization such as
Getting traffic to your squeeze page is going to build your email marketing list.  The goal is to build your email marketing list with quality subscribers. Have your marketing laser targeted and your squeeze page reflect your niche is the best way to build your email marketing list

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