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page 4 – Exclusive Interview with Deaun1

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If you were to sum up your top 3 ways to promote Fiverr gigs, what would they be? 
If I had to pick the top 3 things I would say,
#1.  Always create a video no matter what you are offering and use the Live Portfolio when you deliver your work.  A buyer should be weary of a seller that doesn’t want to show his work.
#2.  Promote yourself and who you are as a person as much as you promote your gigs.  People do repeated business with people they like.
#3. Get involved with the Fiverr community.  There are so many successful Fiverr sellers freely giving advice about how they built their Fiverr business.  They can tell you from experience, what really works.  Find successful people.  Watch how they promote themselves.  Figure out the promotion style that fits your personality.  It may be a combination of what several different sellers are doing.  As time goes on you may even develop your own unique style and ideas about gig promotion that you can share with others.
Can you use Fiverr to promote your own Fiverr gigs? Have you used Fiverr to promote yourself?
Absolutely!  Your Fiverr profile is where you sell yourself and your gigs.  Everything about your profile is a promotion.  This is the one place that should be “ALL ABOUT YOU”
What do you think are the best gigs on Fiverr to use for promoting your own gigs?
I can’t claim to know the BEST overall type of gig for promoting but I would say that EVERYONE selling on Fiverr needs a video.  If you don’t know how to make one yourself, order one from another Fiverr seller.  In my opinion, having a video on your gig is a MUST.
Do you have any other tips to leave the readers of this interview with? 
I would just say to provide the best overall experience for every buyer, every time.  You never know how many other sales that one sale could lead to.  Success doesn’t just happen to people, it is earned.


Wow Deaun! You’ve given the most helpful and in-depth advice on promoting gigs. I cannot agree more with all your tips. I really respect your work ethics and all the different things you do to promote others.
As you said some sellers may not have the time or interest to make Fiverr a part time job. If that’s the case then obviously they might not be interested in promoting their gigs or spending the time to do that; but if you want to take your gigs and seller reputation to the next level, then promotion is necessary.
When you first list a gig it might be hard to get sales in the beginning. Show casing the work you will deliver, providing 3 images, video and a great description will definitely give prospective buyers an incentive to take a chance with your gig. In an my article, Process of Creating a Successful Gig, I also recommended delivering gigs really fast and offering bonuses for the first few sales; that way buyers can’t resist to give you a try even if you have no feedback. Once you’ve gotten 5-20 sales then you can change your prices accordingly.

Most Importantly…

Adding a video is probably the most important thing you can do to increase sales and buyer trust. There’s no excuse for a seller not to a videos to their gigs.
I think building great relationships with buyers and sellers in the community is the most important part of selling on Fiverr, as you said yourself, “If I make a sale, I made a few bucks and that’s great but if I build relationships with buyers and sellers, I make multiple sales over and over.”
$3.92 after fees isn’t a lot of money. In fact most sellers don’t make much more than $10-15 an hour offering their gigs, so it’s important to get as much value as you can in other ways. The most valuable thing you can get through selling your services on Fiverr is connecting with people in multiple niches from all around the world. Networking with buyers and sellers proves more profitable than an individual sale in the long run.
I also refer other gigs without alerting the sellers I did so. I’m positive enough to know that other people are out there recommending my gigs like you said. That’s the benefit of being in the Fiverr community:) We help each other out and don’t expect anything back.
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