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page 2 – Exclusive Interview with Deaun1

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Exclusive Interview with Deaun1

With more and more gigs being created on Fiverr new sellers are finding it hard to get their gigs seen. How would you recommend they promote their gigs from the start? Also do you think they should have at least a certain number of reviews before they promote those gigs? 

No! Promotion should start from day 1.  It is even more important to promote when your gig is new.  Someone must be willing to take a chance on you if your gig doesn’t have any reviews yet.  You need to promote YOURSELF.  Give them some incentive to take a chance on you rather than someone that already has a good track record.
How you would do that is to tell them why you are qualified to do this work.  Show examples of what you can do by having a video in your gig listing.  Make the deal too good to refuse by offering valuable gig extras to be included for the first few orders.  Offer the fastest service you can (If at all possible -24 hour delivery). Anything you can do to make your gig a better deal than others like yours.
Once you have built up a great portfolio and some good feedback, your work will speak for itself.  You can then modify the prices and delivery time so that you can be fairly compensated for the valuable services you provide.
What would you say to someone that claims the learning curve for self-promotion and social networking is too high? Do you think someone who just started out promoting their gigs could do it as efficiently as you can? 
I would say that if someone claims the learning curve is too high, they are probably not really interested in making Fiverr a significant source of income.  That’s ok too, many sellers just want to use Fiverr as a way to make a little bit of extra money doing things they love to do.  Not everyone wants to promote their own gigs or spend the kind of time it takes to do it.  The good news is, there are lots of sellers on Fiverr that offer promotion service.  You can always order promotion services from them for as little as 5 dollars.  If you want to get noticed on Fiverr, you really need to either promote yourself or hire someone to do the promoting for you.  I use a combination of both.
Is self-promotion really worth it? There are sellers on Fiverr that make tons of sales every day and they’ve never promoted their gigs. 
I don’t think anyone just gets LUCKY.  Whether they promoted themselves outside of Fiverr or just had such a great gig listing that they immediately got noticed by the Fiverr staff and were chosen to be featured.  Either way, they had to PROMOTE in some way to get where they are.
Yes, self-promotion is worth it.  Without some form of promotion, there is literally no chance for measurable long term success.
What recommendation would you give to new sellers trying to promote their gigs that will be efficient and reliable? 
The #1 thing that EVERY seller must do to attract buyers is to deliver high quality work that is consistent with what is advertised in the gig listing.  Positive feedback from happy buyers is the best way to attract buyers.  You can promote your gig all you want to gain interest in your gig, but once they get to your order page, they will be looking at what other buyers have to say about the product and service you have provided to them.  If you have people saying good things, they are likely to do business with you.  If other buyers have been dissatisfied with your work, they are likely to find someone else offering the same or a similar service that has a track record of providing outstanding service.

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