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How to make money selling on eBay

Selling stuff on eBay can one of the most creative yet successful businesses you can think of.  Nowadays the number of people who have learned the secrets to make money by selling stuff on eBay has increased.  So there are things you‘ll need to learn as well in order to be successful.
If you are looking for an alternative garage sale then, eBay is the best place for you.  However, you need to keep in mind the fact that it can be a little complex as compared to the physical garage sale process.  With selling on eBay you rely on product description and pictures in order to sell your goods to a person.
They are taking your word on the fact that the item they are buying is as described.  Because they can‘t see or touch the actual items they‘re purchasing, or the person they‘re buying from.
These were important steps in the physical sales process that helped the consumer reach their decision to buy.  Now that they are gone, you need to be conscious of that when presenting the images and information you want your potential customers to see.

How to make money selling on eBay

How Much Money Can You Make?

You can make as much as much or little money as you want just by selling used and/or new stuff on eBay.  You can even get an eBay store, which is perfect for displaying some of your items that you have.  If you have an eBay store, you make it quite simple for your customers to look around at multiple items you have for sale at once, increasing your odds of making a sale with each visitor.
eBay also has a great search tool that allows buyers search for some of the best sellers on eBay which helps to further boost your sales when you become really got at what you‘re doing.  If you want to accept payments on eBay you use PayPal which is one of the major online payment processors and probably the best payment method considering that it is widely accepted.
Selling stuff of eBay has been very lucrative since its inception however it can require a bit of work on the sellers part if you want to be one of the big dogs earning the most money eBay has to offer.  With garage sale, a person picks up the item they are interested in, pays and leaves with it but with eBay sale, the process is a bit longer because the goods have to be wrapped before being taken to the post office for delivery.
In other cases, if a buyer doesn’t feel the description accurately represents the item they’re considering they may not be as willing to chance spending their money, so you have to be extra sensitive to that when listing your items.  Or if they make the purchase but then realize it wasn’t quite what they were expecting they may ask for a refund.  However, such cases are rare.
When eBay was just starting, most of the sellers were just people who were selling stuff that they did not need any more use trying to clear their attics or garages.  The site has grown so tremendously that most mainstream businesses sell their products on the site.  Now you can purchase boats, automobiles and almost anything that you can think of.
Most of the discounted goods are from major retailers therefore, buyers don’t have to worry about the source of the goods.  For this reason, you want to go the extra mile to ensure they don’t doubt your integrity, because if they do there is a well known major brand retailer that they do trust waiting close by to scoop up your customer from you.

Customer Reviews

Just like any other type of business, eBay is also about ‘buyers beware’ considering that there are a lot of scam artists who will take money from their customers for inferior products.  For that reason it is also important that you deliver good services to get positive feedback from your customers.
Their good experiences will lead to more trust in future buyers and therefore increased sales.  By reading at the reviews, buyers are in a better position to judge the seller.  If a seller many bad reviews then buyers will avoid buying stuff from him and it will be much more difficult to achieve the king of earnings you are looking for.  Strive to get as many positive reviews from your customers as possible.

Be Organized

If you are interested in selling your items on eBay, you should photograph the items, write the descriptions, track the bidding and package the goods and mail them to the buyer in the appropriate time.  The more organized you are, the easier and quicker you will grow your business.
Even though eBay is designed to show you how to make money, you have to learn how to build a good reputation as well as make new friends.  One of the best and easiest ways you can make a good name for yourself on eBay is by being honest.  The more satisfied your clients are, the more they will keep coming back to you and even spread the word to other potential buyers.
Even in these tough economic times there are still thousands of people who are selling stuff online and are actually doing very well with it.  Many people insinuate that eBay has increased the selling fee because they are worried that they will not make enough money but this is not the case.  There are many people who make a complete living solely by selling stuff on eBay.
We all know that the economy keeps fluctuating, thus even eBay has to make occasional minor adjustments from time to time.  And so will you.  Whether you are running a bakery or any other type of business, you have to continually adapt and find ways to keep growing your businesses, even in difficult economic times.

Customer Service

Customer service is very important as it will highly contribute to how many customers keep coming back to you.  You can still make a lot of money even if you have increased the prices of your goods as long as you have a good customer service and you get positive feedback.  Your customers will not mind that your prices are a little bit higher than all the other sellers.
Most people prefer buying all their goods from sellers they have worked with before and already trust, and this is worth any extra cost involved.  Building trust is not easy but once you have earned it from your clients they will become loyal repeat spenders, and that’s where the real money comes from.

Unlimited Income

Now that technology has made it possible for people to sell and buy stuff online marketing has grown.  If you feel that your income is not enough and you don’t have the time to get a second job then, eBay is definitely something to consider as you can work right from home, put in as many or few hours as you want, and you can earn whatever your goal is, from $$ a few hundred dollars per month, all the way up to $1000 per day.


If you’re just looking to sell something on occasion for a few extra bucks here and there, then jump right in.  However, before you’re looking to make a steady recurring monthly income from eBay there are certain things that you should consider.  You have to know where you will get your items from.
There is no point of selling something today then for the next one month you are out of stock, you have to ensure that you have a flow of goods and you will get them delivered to the buyers in time.  You also have to consider who your competitors are and what they are offering so that you can know exactly how you can beat them.
Buyers will always look for the cheapest products in the market first.  This is very important to understand during the trust building phase.  If you’d like further assistance in setting up your eBay business, we strongly recommend trying Salehoo.  Salehoo is a complete system for selling on eBay for maximum profits, and it’s available for immediate purchase online.
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