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The Secret of Keyword Conversion on Money Site

The Secret of Keyword Conversion on Money Site

Top Ranking in page 1 Google

I have just entered the forum webmaster, and opened Thread Top Ranking on Page 1 of Google and now the naughty forum members (This is the great fun of warriorforum) are doing a competition to conquer the phrase. As a Newbie, of course it will be difficult for me to compete with those masters. Here, we are not going to discuss the Keywords Conversion which will give direct impacts to your Money Site income.

What is  Keyword Conversion?

Keyword Conversion is a simple calculation of the numbers of visitors who come  with a phrase and purchase things on your website.
Example: If you have 1000 visitors who come with a Phrase “Premium WordPress Themes” and the 10 visitors of the blog make contacts or purchase your Premium WordPress Theme, then your Keyword conversion is 1%.  Most website eCommerce have a conversion of 1-2%. However, the usage of more specific keywords will increase your website conversion.
Many people are focusing on Top Ranking, but forgetting the most important thing – what Keyword which can give a better conversion. This is the main issue of the Internet Marketer or Search Engine Marketer, how to place their Keyword in page1 of Google , and at the same time it can  improve the conversion.

Research Keywords VS Buying Keywords

Have you ever experienced the following: your keyword is placed in page 1 of Google, Traffic is increasing, but there is no purchase or conversion. This is what we are going to discuss.
Keyword is the foundation of your SEO, but do not forget, Top Ranking is just one factor, the most important factor is the selection of keywords type:

Research Keywords

Research keyword is a phrase used by Google search engine Visitors in searching for information for their buying process. They are not in the position of purchasing.
I often heard complaints “I have many visitors in my Blog, and they come with the exact key phrase which is on page 1 of Google. However, when they enter my Blog, they do not make any purchase at all, and they do not fill in my online form.”
The first step in the process of online buying decision is trying to understand the customers’ needs.. Research Phrase is usually too general, having the highest competition on page 1 of Google and it is extremely difficult to get a position in the Top Rangking.
Example: “Buy a Laptop” If you can master Google SERP, the numbers of  visitors are increasing , but there is no purchase at all. This type is not recommended to be used in PPC Campaign atau Affiliate Amazon.

Buying Keywords

After they have a lot of  information, they will start looking for a product, mark, or companies to make purchasing. Buying keywords are keywords which suggest the visitors of Google to make a purchase.
The feature: Buying KW usually has less search volume than Research KW, more specific, and it has Longtail form. “buy a laptop get a free xbox 360” is a sample which will be used by the visitors in the final step of their buying process.
Top Ranking on page 1 of Google for a Buying KW is easier to be put in the ranking by Google, because they have less competitors. However, it will also give a better conversion for a purchase. To increase the purchase volume, you have to make more pages focusing on the Google lower search volume.

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