Thursday, May 8, 2014

SEO Keywords Targeting: Put Synonyms in Your Content

As the first step of Search Engine Optimisation, many SEOers often conduct a keywords analysis to choose the most appropriate terms to target. But some people also get confused by how many keywords they can target on a content page. SEOmoz posted an excellent article yesterday explaining how to employ multiple keywords for SEO.
Interestingly, Google search quality engineer, steve baker, wrote a post on official google blog to unveil how powerful Google actually is, Google can understand synonyms in your content! Then Matt Cutts blogged about it too!
In terms of “synonyms”, I am not talking about singular, plural or adding “in” between , i.e. I am not discussing about Google can recognise “SEO keyword”, “SEO keywords” and “Keywords in SEO” that they have the same meaning.
What I refer here, is that Google know:
  • keyword “bb” in search term “bb in london” is synonym of “Bed and Breakfast“;
  • bb” in search term “bb application” is synonym of “BlackBerry
  • bb” in term “dura ace track bb axle njs” means “bottom bracket
It means Google is smart enough to differentiate the difference of meanings of “bb”, so how can they not recognise something even simpler? Take “real estate” as an example, I believe google can easily understand “landed property” or “real property” in your content page means your primary keywords “real estate”, and vice versa.
How much can these synonyms help rank your primary keyword? I don’t know to be honest. But they will definitely increase your exposure on Google, because not only Google knows they are synonyms, but also you have more keywords in content now.
What’s your thought on utilising keywords synonyms for your SEO efforts?

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