Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reasons Why You Should Choose Niche Health for Make Money Online with Google Adsense

The best thing is if you have known the passion, skill or knowledge in building a blog for Google Adsense. The problem is not every person wants to spend the time for looking for what exactly he likes. He just wants to get the money from Adsense.

If it is still too hesitated to find out, it is my suggestion:

Just take niche Health guys


1.   The idea sources are so many

Magazies are spreading around in Indonesia discussing about health. For health tips for women, there is Women’s’ Health magazine. For men, there is L-Men. It is also possible Men’s health. And surely, in daily newspapers there must be news, tips or health information.
Likewise blogs can be found everywhere in this internet world.
Once searching on Google with the keyword “ health tips”,”tips to be health”, or “ health blog”.. Voila dozens blogs come out! Still not enough? Just enter public forums! You will see the crowd of crunchy health posts to be made as articles.
The ends are just too:
1.Pay a content writer
Paying a content writer to write the content like what we want. We can show the articles we like. We can mention the topic we want. We can also rewrite the articles that are available in ezinearticles.com
2. Translate it yourself
For the goodness, saving the time, get used to outsource it to the content writers. So you can save your time for other things. For the family, it means. However, for cunning the writing skill, just write the health article yourself, just occasionally.

2. The demand keeps rising

I guarantee, if you take a look at the Google keyword tool with keyword “weight loss”, for example the monthly searching number is 1 million, 2 or 3 years later it would be 2 million or 2 million. It is because of health is a matter of the world, everyone problem in the globe, now it is the era of junk food and fast food. It is the time for chemically things. It is the moment for all automatic things with robot and technology.
It is no more the ancient times when all foods are still nutritious. There were no chemical, formalin and MSG or borax. So, the health information must be very needed by today’s people. Even the healthiest people will keep looking for the information about health for the maintenance purpose. It is can be said that the searching number will keep rising if your blog’s niche is health. Do not be afraid for to not get visitors.

3. It is not boring and as a self-learning medium

If you never read books about insurance, or study about law, it can be sure that you will get overwhelming and completely dizzy if you are asked to play adsense with niche insurance. It is already confusing from the making, what about the maintenance? Hey, get used to build adsense for a long term. Never take the instants. But if it is niche health, it is guaranteed that you won’t get bored! You know why? It is because once you do the research about this keyword, observe the good posts at other blogs, look for inspiration, and search for health pictures, you yourself will learn about it. Is not it steady? Besides getting the article update, you will also obtain the health information! Not to mention if your knowledge is increasing, you can share it to friends if you are having conversion. It is great, right!!!
If it is math, there are people who like and some do not. It requires for ability for the brain to analyze. Or it is called ht world of physiology, the intelligent capabilities. So, not all people like. It is because of not everyone is created by God for having the same intelligence capabilities. What about the health? It is just like a joke. To digest it, people use the right brain, i.e. picture, taste and all senses. Therefore it is not boring to enter this niche health. As the example, you have ever researched keyword, right, or you just wanted to do backlink, then you got lost to a blog with articles like these:
  1. Simple tips on caring shinning white teeth
  2. Four forbidden things to do to keep the hair long, cared and not easy to lose
Answer it honestly, in your brain, at least you have got it on mine to click and read it??? Right?? That is an example if something about health, the brain is happy. All of the people! Just do not discuss about dose of vitamins for vomiting people! It is the health information that has already entered the analysis state. It can be predicted whether there will be people who do not like this kind of health information.

4. CPC is pretty anyway

I am not hypocrite, if targeting high HPK is very tempting. I have home decorating blog. Per click it is often between $2-$3. Well, it is truly a thumb gymnastic if it is like that, guys. But the truth, the CPC of my blog about health is not that too far. It is just about $0,5 – $1,5 per click. The difference is that the home decorating blog, I was in frenzy of confusing in making the posts and there were rarely people stay there. The bounce rate for my home decorating blog is high. While my health blogs bounce rate is low guys.
As more information, my friends which his health blog is lent to me to be permitted as my material to review, it is always over $1 per click. It is often $1.3 – $1,4. His blog is about vitamins. Just take this part if you want the CPC range like what I have said. Please try. Even it get slipped, it is still the good enough.

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