Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Make Money Online From Niche Blog Games

Make Money Online From Niche Blog Games
Some people might just grab the niche game and use it to develop their own blog. The contents of the blog usually are games review, tips, games cheats, or just basic guidelines for beginners. Therefore, the bloggers could be categorized into two types:
1. General Review. This type of blog is consisting of useful tips. It could be cheats from all the popular genre of the games which played frequently by gamers all over the world. This type of blogs or websites have a complete database for all reviews from various platforms or consoles, from PC, X360, PS2, PS3, WII, NDS, and any other platforms available.
The most popular examples of this type are,, and These websites have big fan base communities that are following discussion on the forum actively in order to get the latest update and tips and also to contribute as well. If you could make your own blog using the same format as those websites, it will be very advantageous for your monetization.
2. Niche/Micro Niche namely the original blog that create review, tips, cheats and more specific guidelines for specific games only. Bloggers who are categorized as this type usually more focus on social online games for kids. The idea of the contents based on self experiences or their friends’ who are really understand about the game. You might know several games that popular from this type such as Club Penguin, Neopets and Moshi Monsters.
20 years old girl named Chloe Spencer could earn $30/day from Google Adsense which attached on her blog,
A Blog named, PR4 and high traffic which maintained professionally must have its own “Brand Image” among the fan base communities of Club Penguin. I think that this blog is really success on making money online. Their income sources are Google Adsense, and also the sales from mobile applications: ClubPenguinCP Android App and iTunes Apple App.
I also make money from Infolinks through a blog called which is inspired by the development of my sister’s passion who loves various cute characters that appears in the game Moshi Monsters.
Building brand image is very important since make money online is the side effect of the original content which oriented to the readers need of information. If you achieve the advanced needs of the user, you should put a little bit SEO on your blog naturally and optimize its quality both On-Page and Off-Page.
It’s an undeniable fact that games related keywords on PPC (Pay Per Click) program are usually had low conversion CPC (Cost Per Click) based on the statistic result from Adword and Infolinks. That’s why the other alternative besides Adsense for niche games is being a partner of online game advertising. My personal recommendations are and .

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