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How to Write Perfect Pillar Articles – A High Quality Blog Content

I often heard a term: the content is a king, which means the quality of a blog is assessed from its content. However, writing articles needs thorough thoughts. Here are the advantages of pillar articles. Besides helping the visitors solve their problems, such an article may build a traffic in the future because it has never been expired. Your blog will have an authority in the niche of both the information seekers and the visitors who read the information at a glance.
I do not fully suggest that the bloggers should make such articles for many of the readers easily forget the articles after reading them. This happens to many blogs which post the news theme for the day, the month or the specific date. It is like a news from the daily newspapers. However, I really appreciate the various writing styles.

How to Write Perfect Pillar Articles – A High Quality Blog Content
 Back to Pillar Articles, The Tricks and Techniques are as follows:
- Interesting title is powerful. Yes, this is the main reason why people want to read. Make an article as well as possible and it should be in accordance with our thoughts and ideas. We can start with a nice introduction which is then followed by a credible content.
- There should be no problem if you want to write an article using simple or high level of languages. If you don’t want the readers to get tired of reading, you may write an article using simple language with a better description for a better understanding. However, if you want the readers to comprehend the the total prolog and the materials, you may write an article with a premium content. Do not be afraid that the readers will get tired of reading it because the continuous content will attract the readers to comprehend the materials.
The analogy is: usually, when we eat hot and spicy food, we will continue eating the food up. After eating up the food, we will comment “ I’m full. I’m satisfied with the food”.
- A 400 or 600 word article is enough for us in focusing the core of our thoughts. And this is the most important thing. Many inspirations in our thoughts can be written in many pages of articles. However, you have to simplify the article. Do not use many improper abbreviations so that most of the readers can comprehend the content of the article.
- To deal with readers who do not like to read long articles, you have to make a nice trick by writing an interesting introduction like when you are making an advertisement. After the introduction, you should go directly to the content and give a continuous understanding. The longer the article, the quality of the topic should be higher so that people will enjoy reading the flowing content. Insert images or pictures as a compliment. Nobody will deny that the pictures are the visual perfectors of what we want to convey in the article. The visitors will easily comprehend our thoughts, ideas and concepts if you use pictures in your articles..
- Being consistent with the theme and content which is conveyed by different writing styles will make your blog become a reference for the readers. They are searching for references by backlink, follow up or just leave a comment as a reminder that they have visited your blog and they will have another visit later on.
- Always check the comas, spaces and many other things before publishing an article. It is very effective. Position yourself as a reader who wants to look at the preview first. Even if our article is perfect, one misplaced word or sentence or misspelling will ruin the article. Therefore, you have to correct the mistake as soon as possible even if the article has been published.
- Looking for a keyword using Google adwords. The tools provided by google are the best in determining the keywords. A long keyword which has minimum competitors is the best. Make sure that the links you post in the article are still active, because google will not like expired links. Naturally, the keyword will be given based on the top list. We can learn that your article will be read because of the posting title which contains common keywords. The content of the review is suggested to be the personal experiences. It will be wiser if you use a simple language.
This is the last from me, give an actual information, so that it will become a ‘push news article’ which is always up to date.
Do you want to have more visitors’ traffics in your blog, or you want to write an article which makes others give their gratitudes to you?
If yes, what are you waiting for? Post your pillar articles from now on!

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