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How to Make Money Online with Fiverr

How to Make Money Online with Fiverr

What is Fiverr? is an innovative freelance web launched in 2009 as a bridge for those who want to make money by providing services or skills. On the other hand, It also functions as a bridge for those who need services or skills (Out Source). This can be categorized into a micro job since it only involves $5.
This site gets the popularity in a short period of time and it spreads all over the world like a virus. Many webs or blogs mention Fiverr. Some of them are big media like The Wall Street Journal, NBC, Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, G4, TechCrunch, FoxNews, Wired, Smart Money and Lifehacker.
The advantage of doing outsource shopping at Fiverr is the cheaper services compared to other services. If you get familiar with Fiverr, you will get a high quality service for $5 only.

How to Make Money from Fiverr

I will take some samples of the offers called “Gigs”
First, make sure that you already have a Paypal account verified as payment processor.
Some friends asked me, “Danny, what is the easiest service we can provide and sell at Fiverr if we are just the beginners who do not master any skills?”.
Nowadays at Fiverr, there are 12 main categories, each has many subcategories of service that you can offer to the “Prospective Customers,” starting from: gifts, graphics & design, video & animation, online marketing, writing & translation, advertising, business, programming & tech, music & audio, fun & bizarre, lifestyle and other.
Therefore, there should be no answer to the above question because every business needs skills. However, you do not need to worry. I have done many researches which have also been conducted by the newbie who have decided to take part in the business.
The followings are 5 (five) services which you can provide even if you have not mastered the skills, they are:
  1. Selling PLR product. (Search and Download for free in Forum)
  2. Selling advertisement service on Twitter. (Minimum Follower 20.000)
  3. Selling advertisement service in Facebook. (Minimum Friend 3000)
  4. Selling advertisement service in Blog. (Minimum visitor 50 per day)
  5. Selling Convert Document to PDF service. (Software PDF)
Doing one of the 5 (five) services mentioned above, I hope you can gain Real Money on the Internet even though it is only $5 /order. Do not look at the amount, but look at the “IF”. Example: IF there are 10 orders per day, how much money can you get in a month?.
It is necessary to know that when the order status is still “Delivered”, there  is a 3-day probation to give the service users time to review your work. In this stage, if you do not do your job well, the users have the right to reject. If you are already able to do a job listing at Fiverr then you should complete it well and on time every time you get an order.

Ask the buyers for Feedbacks when sending your work, that is very important!! The more feedbacks you receive the better reputation you will get at Fiverr, so that nobody will feel doubted to have your services and skills.
If the buyers are satisfied, it will soon be approved and signed with the status ‘Order Completed’.

The next 10 days, you will be able to get the dollars in your Paypal account, status:.
Awaiting Clearance – You can use the money for ordering other services at though you have not got the money in your Paypal account.

How Much Money You Can Make at Fiverr?

Do you know that at Fiverr you can make money more than $5, – per buyer/project?
Well, I have ever made money $100 – $350 per buyer/project.
I hope you can make it too. The followings are the Ways I Make More Money at Fiverr:
I have my own tricks to follow so that you can make money $150/project or minimum $50/project.
First, you have to make Gigs saying “if you need further offers, please contact me in the Inbox!” That is the key. So when they read it, they will know that there other services offered through the Inbox.
As an example, I got an Inbox in my Fiver account from a man named Ronald saying “Can you design a helicopter dropping? Can you?” the point was he wanted me to make one page Minisite but using WordPress.
When you get the same offer, it will be a great opportunity! You may answer “Yes, I can do it. It will cost you ….. dollars, and the money should be transferred in advance to my Paypal account, then I will do it.”
You should do it like that… never do  it first before they transfer the money. You will risk of being unpaid. You had better suggest the buyer to pay first.
Do you know? This does not make any sense at all because at first the services I provide is Desain WordPress Header Themes. It has nothing to do with minisite or whatever. However, I get more income from here.
Three days later, I got another interesting offer to make a full blog with coaching training and English as a theme. It was a big opportunity because I once offered $350 for one, while he offered me two projects.
Therefore, don’t miss such opportunities just because it is not suitable with your Gigs. It would be a pity to miss them!!
Ok, that’s the way…! Don’t forget to TAKE ACTION and let us know the result if you are successful.

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