Friday, May 23, 2014

Grammar does not Influence the Position of SEO

In the last few days, I got a lot of information from the blogs which said that the newest change of algorithm for Google’s grammar assessment influenced much the ranking position given by the search engine (SERP).
I found a video from Matt Cutts (the technical spokesman of Google) which gives a clear explanation concerning this issue. It is said that grammar or spelling are not the factors which should be considered in Google’s position. This means that spelling is not included among the 200 factors which will determine the quality of a website.
Grammar does not Influence the Position of SEO

Matt Cutts insisted that the importance of avoiding spelling and grammatical errors in the websites was just to improve the content skills of the users. The sites generally will handle the spelling errors if they are positioned with a good grammar.
Matt reported that Google would use the spelling and grammar as factors of positioning if the users faced difficulties when reading the translation of the text in other languages.
Matt Cutts’ explanation can be found in the following video:

Thus, there are two different things here. The determination of high quality websites and the ranking position in the search engine.

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