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Advantages of Directory Submission Services

 Advantages of Directory Submission Services
 Advantages of Directory Submission Services
Content is only as good as when it is read by as many of its target audience as possible. What’s the difference between search engines and directory submission services? The first one only gives you what it thinks are the most relevant pages in relation to your search, the second one actually organizes the links through their classification and sub-genres. Due to the intense competition to get high rankings in search engines, some SEO companies sometimes overlook the importance of these Web directories. Even Google recognize the significance of these directories as they usually get high rankings in the search engine results page (SERP).
Validated links
Unfortunately, this is very hard work as you have to edit make an article, edit the content and submit it to the Internet directories. They also have their own standards. This means the article must not be too promotional, no keyword stuffing and in some instances should not mention any companies or products. In most cases, you have to submit your link manually to the site. There is actually a real person who will click on the link and browse through your site. If the link you sent is approved, search engines will give more value to that link because they know the stringent requirements for approval. Doing this on your own can be time-consuming and so you need to outsource directory submission services.
Quick indexing
Simply put, web directories add to your credibility. And because the search engines think you are legitimate, their spiders and robots will immediately index your site. What most people fail to realize is that these spiders prioritize these Web directories when they start crawling before moving on to individual sites. Or when search engines calibrate their mathematical formulas, they go through the Internet directories first and crawl through the links in the directory. Directory submission services will allow you to be approved by these sites a lot faster than doing it on your own.
Targeted traffic
Another advantage of directory submission services is to filter your visitors because the people who click on your link are more likely interested in what you have to say. This is so because you are already classified into different categories and people wouldn’t click on your article read through it and clicks on your link to go to your website if he or she is not serious. That means you are already halfway done in making a sale. You only need to reel the customer in until you persuade him or her into patronizing your product or service.

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