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7 Simple Ways of Building Blog Authority

Making money by blogging actually is NOT a matter of posting a PPC banner advertisement on the sidebar blog, writing paid review, or offering personal advertisement spot. NO. if it was that easy, now there would be too many bloggers earning thousands of dollars or even more per month.
Instead, making money by blogging actually is a matter of building blog authority which should be done long before posting  a PPC banner advertisement, before registering the paid review program or before offering a personal advertisement spot to the prospective customers. In short: building  blog authority is of vital importance before doing blog monetization.
What is blog authority?
In a simple definition, blog authority is “an accepted source of expert information or advice from a blog” or source of information or trusted advices from experts or bloggers. A blog which has an authority is often used as a reference for other blogs. For example, ProBlogger.net owned by Darren Rowse is a blog which has authority in a specific niche make money from blogging. Or CopyBlogger.com, a blog which has authority in a specific niche copy writing for the blog. With the strong authority owned by the two blogs, the visitor traffic is increasing, the branding gets stronger, the customers come, and the dollars flow into their pockets. In short: a blog having authority will get better opportunities to gain money compared to regular blogs.

What is The Strategy to Build Blog Authority?
The followings are the 7 ways to build blog authority based on my personal experiences in doing blogging activities since 2008. Though it is not the best or perfect strategy,  it can be the source of inspiration for you to start building your blog authority.

7 Simple Ways of Building Blog Authority

1. Focusing on Interests, Hobbies and Skills
A blog having authority must focus on a certain topic. The deeper the comprehension of a topic, the higher the level of authority of the blog. Back to the above examples, ProBlogger.net and CopyBlogger are successful in becoming blogs which have higher authority because they focus on ONE certain topic. So, start focusing on interests, hobbies and skills you have really mastered. Do not follow the trends in the blogging world. For example, if you have a great interest in the art of folding paper or Origami, then  you had better write things about  Origami, rather than simply writing about how making money from blogging which you do not fully understand. Trust us, one day, your blog with the topic of Origami will become a valuable experimental model to write an article with a topic of make money from blogging if the blog has really made money out of it. By writing a topic which is in accordance with your interest or hobby, you will be able to enjoy the blogging activities for a long period. Remember, if you are serious in doing the blogging activities, you should get prepared to do the activities for a quite long time.
To do lists:
1. Start to recognize the interest, hobby and skill which you have mastered.
2. Start writing based on your interest, hobby and skill on your blog.
3. Do not underestimate smaller and simpler topics which many people do not care about. Write anything about your interest and hobby.
2. Give the Best to the Reader
Focusing on your interests, hobbies and skills is the first step to take, however you should not stop here. The next step you have to take in building your blog authority is to give the best things to your blog readers. This means: start writing the best articles for your blog readers. If possible, start writing the pillar articles related to your blog topic. As a reminder, the pillar article is a basic, time unlimited article which becomes the body of knowledge for your blog. By writing pillar articles on topics which interest you or on topics which you have mastered, you have started to build your blog authority. Besides writing pillar articles (and other articles), try to give the best things to your blog readers.
To do lists:
1. Start writing pillar articles on your blog topic.
2. Try to give the best articles to your blog readers.
3. Be aware of your writing rhythm so that you can always produce high quality articles.
3. Give Proof, Not Theory
Everybody can read books and quote the theory from the books. Everybody can “teach”, but he/she may not be able to do what he/she teaches. The same case happens. Many people can write by quoting from other blogs, however not all people can write based on their own personal experiences. The reason is, not all people have their own personal experiences. One of the keys when you really want to build your blog authority is: start writing based on your own experiences. Give the proof, not the theory. If necessary, use pictures and images which will enhance your articles. By giving the authentic proof, your blog readers will trust you more. Without giving the proof which is based on your own experiences, your blog will be one of thousands blogs which can only quote from other blogs.
To do lists:
1. Start remembering and putting together your personal experiences as the materials for you 2. Write articles based on your personal experiences.
3. Do not just “quote” and report things from other blogs.
4. Get the Endorsement from Other Bloggers
Your authority will be stronger if you can get the endorsement (recognition or support) from other bloggers in your niche. By having endorsement from other bloggers, your blog readers will trust your authority. Remember that one of the most effective ways to promote your blog is by letting other people promote your blog. To get the endorsement from other bloggers, you can ask directly to other bloggers or give the opportunity to other bloggers to be involved in your blog activities.
To do lists:
1. Start building a more intensive networking with other bloggers in your niche.
2. In an elegant way, ask for endorsement from other bloggers in your niche.
5. Give the Proof of Your Authority
Other people need a proof that your blog has already had an authority. If you have had enough proof, you should show it to your blog readers. One proof you can show is the amount of your RSS Feed customers in your blog. The more RSS Feed customers you have, the better information you can give to your blog readers. So, you had better show your RSS Reader Counter on your blog. Besides the numbers of RSS Feed customers, the numbers of twitter followers and the numbers of comments can also be an indicator of your blog authority. The formula is just the same. The more comments in your blog, the higher your blog authority is. If you do not have enough proof, you should start building your blog authority proof from now on.
To do lists:
1. Start registering the service provider of the RSS Feed like Feedburner.com.
2. Start posting RSS Reader Counter and Comments Counter in your blog.
3. Start posting Twitter Follower Counter in your blog.
6. Help Other Bloggers with Your Authority
Building an authority is not a matter of building a blog. Instead, building a blog authority is actually a matter of building your reputation. In other words, building authority has no meaning if you do not build a good relationship with bloggers’ community in your niche. Therefore, start helping other bloggers with your skills. Give space for your readers to  ask and learn from you. You can start building a good foundation for your blog community by giving a help to them. The more you help your blog readers, the stronger your authority is.
To do lists:
1. Start building your blog community.
2. Offer your blog readers with your help related to your skills.
3. Try to brainstorm the ideas of how you can help your blog readers.
7. Keeping the Authority by staying Humble
The last step you have to take in building your blog authority is trying to maintain your blog authority. How? It is easy. Be humble. Be honest with your blog readers. Never lie to your blog readers. If it happens that you cannot answer your blog readers’ questions, you should be honest and tell them that you have no capability to answer their questions. Do not be too proud. Even if you have already got many achievements, you should share them in a proper and polite ways. By being honest and humble, you have sent a message to your readers that you deserve to be referred and trusted.
To do lists:
1. Start being honest and humble.
2. Answer all of your readers’ questions without having to lie to them.
3. Do not be too proud.
By practicing the seven simple ways above, in my opinion, there will be ways to get blog authority in your niche. The final result is, your chance to make money out of your blog will be bigger.
One thing for sure, just like what I have experienced, building blog authority is indeed not an easy and instant thing. It takes time. It takes extra energy. It needs patience. However, if you are persistent, I am sure, having a blog authority which is trusted by the readers is not an impossible thing. With many difficulties I have faced, I have proven this. Remember,  a blogger like Darren Rowse perhaps needed 4 years to achieve a success. Long enough to go up and down in the blogging world.
What do you think? Are you ready to travel a long way to be able to obtain a blog authority?

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