Tuesday, May 27, 2014

6 Characteristics that Make a Blogger Poor

6 Characteristics that Make a Blogger Poor
Do you feel intended to Make Money Online, but get poor because of blogging? This article is probably not too nice to read. It is because of the title. But the fact is, if we have some or the entire following characteristics, I believe it is possible that we can just fall to poverty. Or at least we remain poor because of blogging. If we do not want our life ends up by hanging around just like an unemployed person with high intelligence, we are going to learn together how to avoid the following things:
  • He likes to delay the work
  • He likes to indulge in fantasy
  • He has no plan
  • He likes to scavenge
  • He never learn
  • He is too closed
Delaying the work is the most killing thing in all ways. That is why we place it on the first order. We need to be aware of the following: “Almost all big problem that come to our life are from a delay”. The desire to be perfect often becomes one of the major causes that make a blogger delay his work. This demand of this perfection is what tosses you.
Often, imagining about an idea will give us inspiration or new lightning. There is positive thing here that we can find. However, if we spend our time which is precious for too much indulging in fantasy, it will bring us to failure. We have to be careful with this.
The imagination is intoxicating and will backfire to ourselves because it prevents us to do the action and also makes us lazy.
A wise man said “A plan which is made by heart is fantasy, while a plan that is made by mind is hope”. Yes, having a plan means we have hope. However, the most important thing is that a plan will minimize the coming up problems, because all of our actions are on the corridor which is well measured.
Why Generals won the big wars? It was because they had the best plans. Well, if we think that our blog is a business (for now and future) we should start to treat it as it is supposed to be like a business.
We use our time and money to filling the flash disk and external drive with hundreds of e-books or tools of all kinds. Sucking out the illegal links that present the newest e-books and pile those files inside of the hard disk (without having enough time to read and analyze). This behavior will keep us away from the two main things to do in running a business, which are Focus and Action.
We have known that the internet marketing is a very dynamic field. And the challenges in front of us will get more extreme because the human number keeps rising and offline working field gets difficult to obtain. If we stick with the old pattern of SEO, we will be in the same boat with Dinosaurs that extinct because we do not adapt to the changes. We have to keep learning about the up-to-date knowledge and skills in online marketing, so we can always have enough chance to compete with the rivals in today and future competitions.
It is undeniable that social media occupies the most important position on Google ranking factor. It shows that internet (Robot) is getting resemble to social creatures (human). Keeping in touch and establishing the communication with other bloggers won’t just improve the quality of our social media website. But it also opens our eyes to be deprived of our own, realizing what the shortcomings we have. And these will also open our mind for inspirations.
Hopefully we can begin to remove one by one the barriers of our success. If the success is our right, we have to grabbing it. So, we have to make ourselves be a rich blogger and won the maximum earnings from the make money online, so that we can help ourselves and others who are in need.

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