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10 Easy Ways of Promoting Blogs Through Facebook

Who does not know Facebook?
Almost all internet users are familiar with Facebook. The most popular social networking site which has existed since 2004 is said to have more than one billion active users, and at least 374,000 new members have signed up every day.
Besides serving as an online communication medium among friends, the existence of social networking site like Facebook actually can be used as a good way to promote bloggers’ profiles and their blogs. Nowadays, many bloggers make use the power of social networking owned by Facebook to promote their blogs (the most important one is: For Free).
How to Promote Blogs Through Facebook?
This article posting will try to describe the 10 easy ways of promoting your blog through Facebook. I have applied the10 ways and the result is quite good.
The following is the10 ways of promoting your blog through Facebook.
10 Easy Ways of Promoting Blogs Through Facebook

1. Promote Your Blog in the Profile Page of Your Facebook

The position of Profile Page on the left corner above Facebook dashboard is very strategic to promote your blog. Everybody visiting your Facebook page will first see the Profile. Therefore, make sure that you have given the information for your blog and blog address in the Profile page.

2. Give Your Blog Address in Your Facebook information page

Besides in the Profile page, you can also promote your blog through the Contact Page. Give your URL blog address in the Contact Page and arrange that your inbox appears right below your Profile Page. The advantage of giving  URL blog address in the Contact Page is because it is clickable so that the readers of your Facebook can directly click to your blog address.

3. Make Use the Status Features of Facebook to Update Your Blogging Activities

The Status Feature is the most important feature and it is most frequently used by the Facebook members. Instead of updating daily routine activities, you should also update your activities in blogging world. For example: the newest posting you write on your blog. Do not forget to ALWAYS give a  shortened link to move to your article posting page in your blog, in order to facilitate the readers of your status in visiting your blog.

4. Make Use the Notes Feature on  Facebook to Give Information in Your Blog

One of the most important and effective features of Facebook as promotion media to your blog is  the Notes feature. By having the Notes page, you can write personal notes related to blogging activities or any information on your blog. Besides having your own notes, you can also import your RSS Feed blog as automatic posting in the Notes page of Facebook. By doing this way, every time you are posting articles on your blog, the articles will also appear on the Notes page on your Facebook.

5. Make Use the Facebook Application for Bloggers

It is a pity if you do not make use of the Application Feature on Facebook, particularly which relates to the blogging activities. For the purpose of promoting your blog, at least there are 3 Facebook Applications I recommend to use: Simplaris Blogcast, NetworkedBlogs and Blog RSS Reader. Do not forget to put the three applications close to the profile on the left corner of the upper page on your Facebook. By making use of the three applications, the readers of your Facebook Page can visit your blog, give comments, thumb up or become your blog followers.

6. Make Your Own Facebook Group

Have you had your own Group Facebook? If not, it is the right time to make one. By making your own Group, you can build a special community on certain topics or interests related to your blog niche. Through the feature Group, you can have a better and closed communication with the readers of your blog.

7. Invite Friends to Join Your Group

Do not forget to invite your friends to become the members of your Group and start building your own Group Profile on  Facebook. Facebook has  some options to invite your friends by importing your personal email data. The more creative you are in managing your Group, the more people will join your Group.

8. Join the Group You Are Interested In

Besides making your own Group, you can also join other groups which are in accordance with the topics in your blog niche. Do not forget to give the name and address of your blog as your membership signature in every Group you join in. However, do not become a spammer. Be an active Group member who shares and obeys online communication etiquettes through Facebook Group.

9. Make the Facebook Page for Your Blog

Not many bloggers make use of the Facebook Page to promote their blogs. In fact, the Facebook Page is actually created specifically for promotional needs. Therefore, if you have not had the Facebook Page for your blog, you had better make it soon. It is for free. By having the Facebook Page special for your blog, you can focus more on promoting your blog to the readers of your Facebook Page.

10. Always Reply Facebook Comments and Messages Sent to You

Like the blog, Facebook is an interactive medium. It means that every user of Facebook is actually expecting to get interaction and response when they give comments or messages. In short, try to always reply comments  and messages sent to your Facebook account. Your interactive behaviors in turn will give trust to the readers of your Facebook Page if they then visit your blog.

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