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True Push Button $100k

True Push Button $100k
Despite all the sales letter claims you’ve probably read, there are very few true “push button” systems out there where you can actually make a substantial income with little to no work.
Most systems and courses claim to be push button and use “outsourcing” as the justification for the ‘push button’ or ‘autopilot’ claim. Unfortunately for most systems, outsourcing the entire or even a majority of the system effectively is difficult if not impossible. And outsourcing a task, process, or system is work in itself…but that’s a whole different story…
When people ask me how they can achieve “push button” profit, the first thing that always comes to my mind is email marketing. Email marketing and list building is an integral part of truly passive income online.
I will give you some tips on building a list, but first let me share a real story to illustrate just how lucrative and passive an email marketing campaign can be.
About 4 emails ago (at the time of writing this), I sent an email to my list of many thousand subscribers promoting a certain product that I thought they would benefit from. I ended up earning about $1 per subscriber on my list for that one email I sent out. You know I don’t like sharing or boasting about how much I have made, but let’s just say $1 per subscriber turned out to be a nice commission check!
If you had a list of 1,000 subscribers, that would translate to $1,000 from the one email. If the list size is 30,000 strong, that would translate to $30,000 from sending out one email. And think…many marketers out there have lists 50,000, 100,000, and some with much more than that. But let’s say you had a moderate list size of 5,000, that would be $5,000 profit from the one email blast and if you did 20 promotions that year with similar results, that would translate into $100,000 from just sending out email promotions.
Does this sound too good to be true?
Well it is and it isn’t. The first point to remember is that you can’t bombard your list with a bunch of promotions. To have effective promotions, you need to bombard your list with a ton of free value and occasionally have a promotion. So perhaps in a given month you send out 10 emails of pure value and 1 email promotion for profit. Coming up with the value and actually writing the emails is work so it’s not just a matter of sitting down for 5 minutes a month to write a few emails. If you don’t provide value and build rapport, your email marketing results will suffer.
Secondly, building a list is work in itself. In a moment I will describe a few ways to build your list quickly, but the hard part is building a large list of subscribers and always having fresh subscribers come in to replace the people who unsubscribe or become less responsive to your emails. So the actual email marketing may be easy but building the list can certainly be a lot of work.
With that said, email marketing can be extremely lucrative and easy once you have a list. What I love about email marketing is the passivity of the whole process.
Imagine this…I can literally spend a week (or hire a copywriter) writing up emails and schedule them to be automatically delivered at set times throughout the next 12 months. The emails would consist of value emails and then the moneymaking email promotions. After everything is scheduled, I can literally power my computer and Internet off for a year, go travel or live in a cave for 12 months and come back at the end of the year with a full years income in my bank account…without lifting a finger the whole 12 months. Once you build a list, you can do this too. How cool is that?
And I will say again, my list will slowly shrink and become less responsive so it’s not like you are set for life when you build a list, but it can truly be autopilot, 100% passive income for some period of time!
In a way, once you establish a list and rapport, it’s as close to a push button moneymaking system as you’ll likely ever get.

Tips: Growing a Large List Very Quickly

WSO: This is one of the easiest methods I know of to build a list of thousands of subscribers very quickly. You can create small ebook products and sell them in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum. Every buyer can be automatically added to your list and there is A LOT of activity in the WSO forum so you can realistically add thousands of subscribers per month pretty quickly.
Product Download Page: You can create an ebook or find a way to offer value and then approach people who are launching their products. You can approach them and make a deal that you will give your product away for free to their customers through a squeeze page link on the product download page. This can be very effective as well and can be done 100% without spending a dime.
Traditional Traffic: You can drive traffic to a squeeze page where you offer something of value in order to collect their email addresses. You can drive SEO, forum, offline, ppc, ppv, video, article or any other type of traffic you wish.
Launch A Product: Besides the WSO section of the Warrior Forum, you can launch a product in the mass market. In the prelaunch phase, you can gather a large number of emails and then of course your buyers’ emails will also be added to your list. This is a great way to get a pop of subscribers onto your list.
Overall, list building is as close to a push button profit system as I can think of. Keeping in mind that writing emails is work and getting people onto your list is work, it’s still something I believe every marketer should be doing.
If you are searching for an auto responder and email marketing service, I highly suggest using Aweber. If you are looking for a free solution, give Mailchimp a try, but I personally use Aweber.

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