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The Best Traffic Source for CPA

The Best Traffic Source for CPA 

One of the most common questions I get asked is what I believe the best traffic source is for driving traffic to CPA offers. For the most part, I try my best not to give my opinion in regards to these types of questions because for 99% of marketers out there and for 99% of the readers reading this post, it doesn’t matter what my or anybody else’s answer is.
What’s important is not necessarily what traffic source you pick, but rather how hard you work to make whichever traffic source you pick profitable. There are people earning some pretty big numbers in just about every traffic source out there. Sure, PPC, PPV, and Media Buys are some of the larger and more lucrative traffic sources, but there are plenty of people doing some pretty nice numbers with article marketing, video marketing, bum marketing, offline marketing, and Facebook marketing, and everything in between.
In fact, some of the smaller and overlooked traffic sources are the easiest to make money from (particularly for new to intermediate marketers) because there is less competition. The person who starts out doing article marketing will probably see profit a lot more quickly than the person doing PPC – CPA. In fact, the person just jumping into the PPC game will probably lose money to start. Sure the rewards are greater in the more competitive traffic spaces, but so is the risk and so is the competition.
So, for most people out there, I recommend just picking a traffic source, any traffic source, and MAKING IT WORK. Work hard, get over the numerous obstacles you will undoubtedly face, work even harder, and continue to work hard. Eventually things get easier and you will begin to master the traffic source. That’s where the fun begins and the money start coming in!!
Let me give you a brief rundown of a few of the most common traffic sources when it comes to promoting CPA offers…

PPC (Pay per click)

PPC is one of the first traffic sources used to promote CPA offers. As the larger PPC providers such as Google Adwords have made it more difficult to promote CPA offers, the trend and opportunity, I believe, will be towards using smaller third-tier and niche PPC providers.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Building a web site and optimizing it to get free search engine traffic is still a very doable and lucrative way to promote CPA offers. Beginners can target long tail, uncompetitive key phrases to earn their first few dollars while more experienced marketers can target more competitive keywords that can yield far more traffic (and money!)

Offline Marketing 

This is another great and overlooked traffic source for promoting CPA offers. Whether you are promoting in newspapers, pinning up flyers, or doing offline lead generation for local businesses, the offline world is still very untapped. I believe there is still A LOT of potential in the offline world.

Forum Marketing 

Forum marketing is a “bum” method of generating traffic. It is time consuming and campaigns aren’t normally long term, but for the newer marketer, it’s certainly a good way to earn those first $10 – $50 days without much technical or advanced knowledge needed.

Video Marketing

 Video marketing is another great way to drive free traffic. By promoting CPA offers in the video directly or simply using the video as a vehicle to get people to your landing page where you then sell them on the CPA offer, video marketing is still a method that works.
Overall, for those of you who haven’t reached the big leagues in CPA marketing or Internet Marketing yet, do yourself a favor and just pick one or two traffic sources and start mastering them. Jumping around trying to find the best traffic source will get you nowhere. Undoubtedly, somebody has made a lot of money with every single traffic source out there, so stay focused, work hard, and make that somebody YOU.
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