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Morphing Your CPA Traffic

Morphing Your CPA TrafficMost CPA offers and some traditional CPS products and services specify what type of traffic you as the affiliate are allowed to drive to the offer or product you are promoting. For example, you may be promoting a weight loss risk free trial CPA offer and the merchant decides they will only accept PPC and Email Marketing traffic. Unless you are hiding or faking your traffic (at risk of getting banned and commissions denied) the network can track to some degree where your traffic is coming from.
So, if you decide to make a Facebook Fan Page that directs people to the CPA offer, the network can see that you are driving traffic via social media and not via PPC or Email and they can then deny any commissions you earned. It’s therefore very important you only drive traffic that is allowed.
One creative trick I have done countless times is simply morph traffic from one source to another. For example, if a CPA offers doesn’t accept social traffic, you can drive visitors from your Facebook Fan Page to a squeeze page where they must enter their email. The people enter their email and you can now market to them via email marketing. Assuming the CPA offer allows solo email traffic, you are now abiding by the traffic rules because your traffic is email traffic, even though it originally came from social media.
Essentially all you are doing is driving traffic from one place to another, thereby converting the traffic to an acceptable form.
One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes this morphing process will dilute your conversion rate a bit because it adds a step between the visitor’s initial visit and the actual CPA offer sales point and in general, the more steps the visitor must get through, the lower the conversion rate will be. With that said, this traffic morphing can still be a great way to monetize traffic sources that most marketers are overlooking or don’t believe they can use!
Most affiliate managers I have spoken to are okay with this strategy, but if you decide to do any traffic morphing, your safest bet is to run it by your AM first. As you are driving the traffic, you can also periodically check in with your AM and ask them to make sure the traffic is converting on backend and that the merchant is satisfied.
As alluded to earlier, traffic morphing is even more advantageous when dealing with traffic that most merchants don’t like such as classifieds (craigslist, Backpage, etc.) video traffic, Yahoo! Answers traffic, and many other “bum” traffic methods out there.
If you send Craigslist traffic straight to a CPA offer, 90% of the time the network will disallow any conversions you earn because networks traditionally disallow any and all Craigslist traffic. However, what I have done countless times without a hitch (fingers crossed) is take the massive amount of free traffic that exists on Craigslist and other classified sites and either drive it to squeeze page to do email marketing or to a full website to turn it into “web” traffic.
If you are still worried about the traffic quality, you can even take it a step further and morph the traffic twice. If you send Craigslist traffic to a squeeze page and then through email marketing you send your subscribers to a web site, you are essentially turning the classified traffic into email traffic and then into web traffic. Because the users followed you through both of these steps, you can be assured that the traffic quality at this point is most likely equal or better than straight web traffic!
As I said, I have done this without trouble, but keep in mind that not all networks and affiliate managers will be okay with this strategy, particularly if the origination of the traffic is from Craigslist. Use at your own risk.
Use your head, be smart, and always check with your affiliate manager and the terms and conditions of the network you are working with.
CPA – Cost Per Action
CPS – Cost Per Sale
AM – Affiliate Manager
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