Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Google Penguin Update Effects on SEO and Content

What is Google Penguin?

This is the 2nd Goolge’s algorithm; it was first time appearing in April 2012. This Google Penguin Update effects was to follow the instructions by Google and aimed to decrease the ranking of those websites that was disrespectful of their terms and conditions. It was strictly prohibited for black hate SEO techniques including participating in link schemes, keyword stuffing, and cloaking as well as thoughtful formation of matching content.
Google Penguin Update Effects on SEO and Content

How Google Penguin Update effects:

There were two aspects of this Google’s algorithm update, one was for black-hat SEO and the second for duplicate content, here is the brief details for the this update:

Effect on SEO:

  • It damaged all those SEO techniques in which SEO experts trying to use unoriginal keywords in order t get visitors.
  • Cloaking is just like a spamdexing system try to fake search engines into charitable the pertinent site advanced position.
  • In the past the SEO experts involved in some link schemes techniques, and they were trying to get unoriginal traffic on their sites.

Effect on Content:

  • Now it is strictly prohibited after this Google Penguin update to uploaded same content which is already placed on a website.
  • The keyword stuffing in the content is not allowed by the search engine after this update.
  • The use hazy language in web content is forbidden by the search engine.
Now this era is for original work and a large number of websites has been degraded in order to implement these updates. Now it is necessary for the content writer and SEO experts to follow the instructions of search engines.

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