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How To Make Money Off A Website

How To Make Money Off A Website

While it’s light speed away from you current reality and thinking, making money off a website isn’t only possible but a day to day reality for tens of thousands of internet entrepreneurs all over the world.

I once attended a home business workshop where the speaker is a web designer who makes a full time living by designing websites for companies. This fella believed that the whole internet marketing industry is nothing but a scam and that it is NOT possible to make money off a website. He further added it is virtually impossible to average people to make a living out of publishing websites unless you’re a professional writer.

Now, writing skills is important in any web publishing business be it a niche website or a blog but you DON’T need to be a professional writer to write pages after pages of content that attracts traffic of people who are interested to read your content and buy products you promote or recommend. To think, very few professional writers make any real money off their often, hard to find websites.
In saying that, let me also say that a lot of bloggers and web publishers aren’t necessarily professional writers, most are actually regular people who learned how to make money off a website, scaled it up, and did it like their lives depended on it.
If you ever visited JohnChow’s blog, and read some of his posts, you’ll know right away that he’s far from being a professional writer, John is often criticized for publishing articles with a lot of typographic errors. That’s because he’s into the habit of writing his post straight on the WordPress post editor. BUT, and that’s a big but, John Chow is one of the biggest bloggers around, earning at least $40,000.00 a month off his website.
Ever heard of Asian and Indian bloggers making real money off their websites? English isn’t their first Language but they do make real money from their sites.
You don’t need excellent writing skills to make money online and anyone who can write basic English can do it and just because you never tried it, doesn’t make it a scam!
Now, let’s answer this proverbial question…

How To Make Money Off A Website?

There are a lot of ways to make money off a website but the most important thing to focus on first if you’re just getting started is “TRAFFIC”. It could either be free, organic traffic or paid traffic. Free traffic is preferred of course but if you have the budget, you can always buy traffic to attract people to your offers.
Once you have a regular traffic of people, you can monetize your website in various ways which isn’t limited to the following monetization schemes.
  • Adsense Ads – Adsense is the easiest monetization scheme for any website, it doesn’t require a purchase, you just need your visitors to click on the ads displayed on your pages. You can sign up for Adsense here.
  • Affiliate Programs – You can promote affiliate products related to your site theme or niche. The great thing about promoting other people’s products is that it’s less costly than having to come up with your own. You just refer your audience to the merchant and they take care of the rest. Affiliate programs can be physical products and digital products like downloadable software, music and ebooks just to name a few. A great place to source out physical goods is Commission Junction, while you can check out Clickbank for digital items.
  • CPA – or Cost per action, you make money for every action taken by your referred visitor depending on the merchant’s required action. Like Adsense, your customers need not buy anything but they should take a certain action for you to earn anything. For this, you can start by joining Peerfly.
If you currently have a website that you want to earn money from, make sure that you have at least a decent traffic of several hundred to get started as you won’t make any money if you don’t have an established traffic. Another important thing to have is an email list of people who know and like you because you can sell to your list over and over again. Jeremy has devoted a complete email marketing course inside the Shoe In Money Blueprint. If you haven’t yet, check out my in-depth review about this course, or you can get it here.
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