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Turn your website into a cash machine

How to turn your website into a cash machine ?

Do you own a website with some online presence don’t know how to turn your visitors into cash ?? You gotcha a solution google adsense will definitely serve you for this purpose.Adsense publishers can just sign up with a help of a website and start making cash right away.

Turn your website into a cash machine

Tips to get approved into google adsense network

Few simple tips to get approved easily and fast
* Describe your site well with htags,meta description etc..
* Add unique contents to your sites don’t just copy paste from elsewhere in the web
* Make sure your content satisfies your users
* Don’t make empty pages with no content in the page
* Try to avoid much navigation provide information within your website
Well apart from this still there are many other factors that is needed to get approved and if your application was rejected before try applying again either by making changes to the site or submit a new site that complies with google adsense policies.

 How to earn with adsense

Once you get your adsense approved login to your account choose the right ad size generate ad code and place the code in your website place the ads exactly ad placements plays a major role in your earnings.Also you should not modify the code if the ad size is not perfect then choose a different ad that suits your website space correctly.
Adsense ad placements and display related ads

How will i get paid from adsense

You will earn cash for every valid clicks on your ads invalid clicks will be filtered and if too many invalid clicks are generated you may loose your account sometimes so if you found any invalid activity from a specific ip you can report to google and block the ip that generated invalid clicks to your ads.
There is a minimum payout in adsense (100USD) may vary based on countries you also will receive a pin after you reach 10$ to confirm your address so while you sign up for adsense be sure you provide the correct address and details.Once you cross your minimum payout google will check for validation of clicks and then process your payment in the form of checks you will get paid mostly by the end of each months if you reach the minimum payout.

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