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Top 5 Critical Mistakes Bloggers Make

At least 90% of all bloggers make some vital mistakes which can break their blog into little pieces. When starting a blog I think you should always do some research on how to start a blog and how to maintain a blog. So you could kick start your blog in the best possible way.

In this post my aim is to show you, why most bloggers are failing and not getting any success with their blog.
If you don’t make these mistakes as a blogger you will most likely have a higher chance to succeed online. By continuing working hard on keeping your blog in good shape and not making these mistakes you will be more successful. If you are making these mistakes, there´s still time to change your blogging habits my friend.

Top 5 Critical Mistakes Bloggers Make

1.You are  lazy

This is the biggest mistake bloggers make, after blogging for 2 weeks they get lazy and just can´t be bothered to blog again. Well, I understand you become lazy and don´t feel like working, because even I have those days when i need a break and don´t feel like updating my blog, but I force myself and try to motivate myself to still try and post.
Don’t forget ´no pain, no gain´ If you want to be successful you will need to do things in life, that you don’t feel like doing. To overcome this habit you can try finding some inspiration or by writing some motivation notes on what you want to achieve with your blog. Notes defiantly have helped me in times of need.
So get off your lazy butt and start blogging.

2.You Only Blog For Money

That´s right, most blogger´s only blog for money. They write some posts and expect to start making money the next day. I´m afraid it doesn´t work like that, mate. It takes months of hard work to start making money online. If you only blog for money, i´m guessing you don’t enjoy blogging. If you don´t enjoy blogging, there´s a possibility you will just stop blogging as you don’t have any interest in what you are doing.
I´m not saying it’s a bad thing to only blog for money. I´m just trying to say don´t let money be the only motive to blog, because if that´s the case, i´m pretty sure you will not last long. I mean, who doesn´t want to make some extra money blogging?
Choose something  your passionate about and you’ll have more chance to make money online.

3. You Don´t Have a Consistent Writing Style

When blogging you have 2 different writing style´s You have the professional and serious and you have the friendly, cool, personal type of writing style. When starting your blog, decide which kind of writing style you want. Make sure you consistently write in the same style every time you write a post.  So do you want to write professional articles  and keep your blog strictly business or do you want to keep a friendly blog by building a community. It’s up to you what to do
The last thing readers want to see is a blog that writes each and every post in a different writing style. Once your readers get a habit of reading your posts they expect your post to be written in the same way every time on your blog and if you start changing your writing style, readers will stop reading your blog.
So don’t forget to keep a consistent writing style.

4. You Don´t Interact With Your Reader´s

Readers want to interact with you and be your friend. When readers comment on your blog they are expecting a reply from you and by replying back you show them you are interested in what they have to say and they will notice that you really know what you are talking about. When you reply it shows that you appreciate and understand them.
Readers want to know what your opinion is and why? Try starting a conversation when your readers comment on your blog. Also you will gain new post idea´s from comments for your next blog post.
The worst thing you can do is not respond to comments and your emails. This will make the readers feel like you don’t care what they have to say.

5. You Don’t Show Any Ambition

You´re biggest mistake is that you give up to soon. Many bloggers give up after seeing they don´t make money online and don´t make any progress with their blog. Well, instead of giving up why not try even harder to achieve your goals, huh? Even if it means working an extra 30 minutes, why not? If you know you can achieve your goals and if you really want to achieve your goals why not? All the big boys in the blogging niche could of give up in a instant, but no they were determined to reach their goals and look where they are now? Shoemoney, Johnchow, Problogger they all make more $10,000 per month. They all are living the perfect blogging life style.
Pretty relaxed isn´t it?

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So are you lazy? Do you only blog for money as well? Do you like to have a consistent writing style or like to change writing style? Do you reply to every comment?Do you give up soon or do you have the heart of a lion?
Let me know your opinions by commenting. just write down what ever you want to say, don’t feel shy.

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