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Make extra cash with adsense

Make extra cash with adsense 

So do you ever thought that you can make money with google adsense ?? True if you are a webmaster and with a little knowledge.So you don’t own a website ? and how long does it takes to make you a simple website not more than 15-30 mins.Almost all webmasters wants to get into adsense and start making quick $ with their websites.Lately you might have come across many adsense ad blocks in websites different ad sizes are available with custom customization that suits your website template well.

Lot more features are available to work with you can also integrate adsense ads in your youtube videos but you should own the entire copyrights of that video you will be paid based on the number of views and ad clicks.Apart from this you have many ad options too you can either choose you need a text/image ads or image ads or link ad units.You can also place a search box in your website each search will make you $$.

You have a dashboard to see all your statistics such as earnings,clicks,ctr etc.You can also make a separate url channel to track the performance of your individual websites with this you will know which site performs well and which don’t so that you can improve the sites performance by many ways such as adding unique contents,seo and so.

You no need to have much knowledge to work with adsense interface its easy to use and implementing codes are also that easy and it can’t be made even simpler.There is certain limits for payouts only after you reach the min payout amount 100$ you will be paid via check at the end of the month (May differ based on countries).

While creating your websites for adsense be sure you built your website not just to place ads but provide something useful to the users.Also don’t forget to read the TOS before placing ads in your website place ads only if your website complies with adsense TOS else try to optimize better and then try placing ads.

If your website page is empty don’t place ads in it that may result in losing your account.There are several other factors which will lead to lose your adsense account so once banned you will find it difficult to get into adsense network again.So make a website with quality content rank them higher for all possible keywords and make passive income from adsense today all you need to start with is a website and an adsense account.

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