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Good Search Engine Optimization Vs Bad Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technical side of marketing on the World Wide Web. It helps by promoting websites and increases traffic to the particular site. Sometimes SEO or search engine optimization is also called SEO copyrighting. This is because the strategies or techniques that are used for the promotion of website are done mainly through text. However, it is important not to deviate from the basic norms that get you a good ranking for your site.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be of 2 types – Good and Bad. Let us see what the characteristics of good and bad SEO are.
Good Search Engine Optimization Vs Bad Search Engine Optimization
Characteristics of good SEO
  • It adheres to the rules of SEO.
  • It aims at securing top rankings in the major search engines
  • Although the progress is slow sometimes and can take about 6 to 12 months to get steady rankings, the results are long lasting
  • It focuses mainly on long-term goals and objectives of the website.
  • SEO services include link building, natural optimization, Social Media Marketing and management of Pay-Per Click etc.
  • Good search engine optimization lays stress on research as well as keywords. It emphasizes on validity of content.
Characteristics of bad SEO
Just as there are traits of good or White Hat SEO, there are bad characteristics of search engine optimization too and the “bad guys” usually do it for selfish means and to deviate or hoodwink visitors. They do it for short term rankings and want to see quick results, but it by using these ways it wont take long before Google notices this and bans you or penelizes your site.
  • Bad SEO makes use of hidden text, link spamming, link farming etc. They violate search engine optimization guidelines.
  • Make use of Black Hat techniques that may include doorway pages, overdoing RSS, duplicate content and keyword stuffing etc
  • It offers shortcuts to get rankings in the main search engines. It concentrates on immediate or short term goals and not on long-term objectives.
  • It misleads and misguides visitors on the Web.
It is very important to remember that although the bad SEO or Black Hat guys may derive immediate benefits but it doesn’t sustain. Websites indulging in such practices are usually penalized there by causing irreparable damage to their image and website.

Search engine optimization is a technique of web marketing. The World Wide Web is infested with bad and good guys.

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