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Do You Have A Daily Blog Marketing Schedule?

In the past, I’ve had a few blogs and thought that traffic, money, exposure will all come once I had some content on my blog, but as you can guess I was wrong.

Do You Have A Daily Blog Marketing Schedule?
How could I possible get traffic without marketing my site, right?
After submitting my site to a few directories and a few search engines I waited…waited…and waited….but still no increase in traffic and money.

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I used to promote my site whenever I felt like.
Until one day I thought to myself, hang on, this isn’t working for me. In order to develop a good blog I will need to continually and consistently promote my blog. So what I did was develop my own daily marketing schedule. From that point on, I’ve learned a lesson that no matter what you do, if you have the right idea for handling certain situations, you will always progress and succeed at what you’re willing to achieve.
Before I started this blog, I already made a detailed daily marketing schedule and have been following this marketing schedule from day one. Many people say content is king, although this is true I think marketing is just as important or better said I would say you need to find the right balance between marketing your blog and writing your content. Just think about this, what is the point of having a blog when nobody ever reads it?
I have created a kind of rough marketing schedule sketch so you get a idea of what I do to promote my blog. Most of the things I’ve listed here are always the minimum I do to market my blog, but if I have more time I’ll always do more things.
My daily marketing schedule below.
  • Participate in 5 different forums-I personally think that this is an effective way of marketing because you get to learn from other people and you get a free back link for your blog. This mostly takes me around 20 minutes.
  • Leave 10 comments on related blogs-Commenting is one of my favorite methods of promoting because I like reading other blogs and you get to leave comments with a free back link to your blog. Takes me around 30 minutes.
  • Submit my blog to 10 different blog or web directories-Even though many people don’t consider this very effective any more. I still do submit my blog to as many seo friendly directories, because it helps you gain some back links and will benefit your seo rankings in the long term. Takes me about 30 minutes.
  • Try to get a link exchange partner – I mostly do this to gain some nice back links. Takes around 10 minutes
  • Post new fresh content- Ah, as they say content is king, probably the most important part of your blog. Without quality content you will get no traffic and that means no money. This mostly depends on how long and information rich the post is as this sometimes takes 30 minutes while other times it takes me 1 hour to write new posts.
  • Read other related blogs- If I have time I mostly read other related blogs before I crawl into bed. I try to get ideas for some future posts and try to expand my knowledge. I mostly spend around 30 hour reading other blogs.
  •  Brainstorm-When I have a bit of time I like to relax in a peaceful environment and just brainstorm about some posts I’d like to write about. I mostly do this around bed time or when I feel lazy.
  • Monetize my blog- Also a very important element of your blog. If I see that an advertising network isn’t doing well or isn’t earning much money, then I switch to another. I like to experiment until I find a good advertising network

These are the main things I do to promote my blog. Of course there are times I promote my blog with different methods, but I’ll make a post about that in the future.
The main reason I have a daily marketing plan is because it keeps me focused and motivated. I always know that I’ve got some work to do and that it’s got to be done. I’m pretty much sure that if I didn’t have a marketing schedule I would be playing games or doing something else, while I could be working on my blog.
So guys, do you have a daily marketing schedule as well? Why do you use one? Does it actually help you as well?

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