Monday, February 3, 2014

3 Easy Ways To Improve Google Pagerank

3 Easy Ways To Improve Google Pagerank
The higher the page rank, the more visible you will be in search engines and that means lots of traffic. Google will also consider your site more valuable if your pagerank is larger and will visit your site almost daily.
Page rank is  very importent for potential advertisers  who want to advertise on your blog. Basically the higher your page rank the more advertisers you will get and the the higher they will be wanting to pay.
Have you ever wondered why your page rank never increases, if so here are some easy steps to to increase your page rank.

Increase Backlinks

Having many sites linking to your site is a very fast and valuable way to get a increase in page rank. The thing here is that you have to try to get as many quality blogs or sites to have a back link on their site pointing to your blog, because the more links Google sees on different sites that are linking to you, the more valuable you will be in Google eyes.
The higher the page rank of that particular site, the higher your page rank will be. Don’t forget that you should aim to get a back links only from quality sites and not from any weird spam sites. So you should rather aim for a page rank 3 quality back link instead 100 page rank 0 spam sites.

Submit to Directories

Submit to hundreds or let’s say submit your blog to as many blog or general directories as you possibly can. There are literally thousands of directories and not submitting to any directories is a big mistake because you’ll be missing out on lots of nice back links. Only submit to seo friendly as Google prefers seo friendly directories.

Update your blog

Probably the most important aspect of owning a blog. If you want to rank high and make money online then you have to update your blog frequently with new unique content. If you can’t update daily then every 2 or 3 days is also ideal. Once you have quality content on your blog then Google will automatically come to your blog.
As they say content is king
Depending on the factor of how well you’ve gained the back links and if there of good quality I would say that you could easily gain a page rank 1 in 1 month.
Now don’t expect your traffic to explode, because these methods are only focused on increasing your page rank and back links. You won’t get much traffic with these methods.
So guys how do you increase high page rank?

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