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Your Options for Hosting Multiple Websites Online

Your Options for Hosting Multiple Websites Online

The costs of web hosting and domain name registration have gone down a great deal that it is no longer uncommon to own multiple websites and not go broke. If you’re thinking of operating a number of websites, the information presented below may prove useful.

The first thing you’d want to consider when planning to operate multiple websites is whether or not you’ll have them all hosted by a single web hosting company. There are plenty of hosting packages that allow you to put up several sites under a single account, while almost all web hosting companies permit the creation of multiple accounts, with each account pertaining to one site.

If you are satisfied with the company hosting your existing website, it would work well to your advantage to have your other sites hosted by that same company since you already know the kind of service and support that it offers. If you’re in luck, they might also extend discounts to customers with multiple sites, and that will mean less expense on your part if you choose to go with them again for your other web sites.

But then again, if you get the services of another hosting company, you will have the chance to make quality comparisons. In the event that you encounter issues with them, you will have a ready alternative. It’s a good thing to not put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes.

Another good thing about employing the services of another host is that your sites will be provided different IP addresses. If your web sites fall under a common niche and you plan to get them linked together, ranking higher in search engines will be more attainable with different IP addresses.

Links coming from other sites are very important if you want higher ranking for your web site. If search engines detect that links emanate from sites belonging to the same IP address, it is a sign that all the sites concerned are being operated by one person. This will work to your disadvantage as the value of your links will be deemed less.

If you decide to put your sites under the hosting of one company, you have three options to choose from: have one account for each site, have all your sites hosted under a reseller account, or go with a dedicated server. The first type, having one account for each site, is basic and pretty much self-explanatory, so we’ll move on to the less simple options.

Let’s take a look at reseller accounts. Acting as a reseller web host, you are, in effect, playing the role of an agent for your host – a middleman that links them and the end user. What this means is that you can sort of set up your own web hosting outfit that is actually hosted by the company. There is no need to resell this hosting as you can utilize the hosting services for your sites, in effect “reselling” the hosting to yourself.

What’s good about a reseller account is that your websites are housed together, and there is only one point of contact in case technical issues arise.

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, enables you to have total control of the web server. You’ll have the ability to install any application and make use of your preferred operating system. You are also free to play around with such resources as memory and storage space and distribute them well between your sites.

The main drawback in having dedicated hosting is that the task of server maintenance is left to you. In some cases, you will also have to be concerned with complex technical matters. If you happen to be the technically challenged type and you are clueless about how to properly run a web server, you will fare better going for a managed dedicated server. This way, your hosting company can give you a hand when it comes to technicalities. Dedicated servers, naturally, cost a lot more than your other options. You might want to ensure that you have solid, good earning websites that get regular, massive traffic so that you don’t get messed up by budget problems in the course of running your sites.

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