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Why a Dedicated Server Is Important For Your Blog

Why a Dedicated Server Is Important For Your Blog
As a blog owner, you probably enjoy the ability to reach a large number of people at the press of the “enter” key. Most blog owners however, don’t realize that having that kind of reach can be optimized, just like a website. In this case, optimization improves the user experience, decreasing loading time and putting your blog ahead of others in the search engine results. Having a blog on a dedicated server can translate into thousands of additional readers and thousands of dollars of potential revenue that you would not realize by using the more commonly known shared hosting servers.

Blogging as a Professional Class

As with any pursuit, blogging has morphed from a home-grown hobby to a recognized industry. According to one line of thinking, bloggers are now part of what has been called the content creation class, heralded as an important new component in the economy of the near future. As this “class” grows in importance, history suggests a professionalization of the industry, with new educational opportunities in technology programs.
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Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server, in contrast to a shared server, hosts your blog without competing traffic that can slow down your user’s experience. As a result, using a dedicated server is typically much faster than trying to access a blog’s pages off of a shared server. Additionally, because there’s no potential interference between your blog and other blogs or websites, your site is more reliable and less likely to produce an error because of a bottleneck of traffic or simple server overload. You, the blog owner, will have sole access to your dedicated server, meaning that you have more control over the security of your website and any exchange of information. Finally, a dedicated server provides you with your own IP (Internet Protocol) address, instead of forcing you to share an IP with other websites. This factor can improve your ability to market your website online, and provides a measure of additional security.
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A Dedicated Server and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search through engine index websites, including your own blog, by sending out small programs called spiders. Spiders crawl or examine a website and evaluate it on several different factors. As a result, each website is given a rank, which translates into where your blog name will appear for specific search terms when a user uses a search engine. The intention of the search engines is to provide the user with the information that is most relevant to their search term.
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Drawbacks of Using a Dedicated Server

Although using a dedicated server for your blog provides many benefits, there are a few drawbacks worth mentioning. The primary drawback to using a dedicated server is its effect on your budget. When you’re blogging, especially initially, cost may be an important factor and a dedicated server does cost more than a shared hosting service. Some dedicated sever hosting services may also change an additional fee for backing up your information. If you use specific software that is not made available for free by your hosting company, you may infer an additional cost for the installation of the software on your dedicated server. Finally, you may need to incur the cost of operating and maintaining a dedicated server. For individuals using shared hosting, this cost is included because the operation and maintenance are minimal but a dedicated server requires a bit more attention and thus, cost. This is due to the information systems professional who must attend to your dedicated server at the back end. This is especially true if you are merging an old version of your blog to the new server, which requires hands-on work by the information systems professional.
If you’re considering hosting for your blog, you have several different choices. The technology isn’t necessarily different, but the extent of your outreach and control is. Choosing a dedicated server is a way to optimize the extent and quality of your user’s experience, despite an additional cost.

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