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Top 10 Ways To Get High Google PageRank

Top 10 Ways To Get High Google PageRank

I’ve made a top 10 list that will get your site indexed faster and more often. They will allow you to get higher PageRank and more visitors. If you’re then able to convert vistitors to paying customers, your site will become more profitable. If you go down the list and use them all to market your site, you’re virually guaranteed to get more visitors and increase your PageRank.

1. Personal profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace,… An effective tactic is to get all the emplyees in your company to put their company’s URL on LinkedIn. Some LinkedIn links are actually not set to “nofollow” (this means Google’s spider Will follow them and your site’s pagerank will increase).

2. Digg and Stumbleupon are useful authority sites, sites that get massive traffic. You can submit your site and get some of their traffic to your site. They’re basically sites that use the power of recommendation to increase traffic. So get recommended…

3. Ask any top Search Engine professional. One of the best way to get traffic is to write articles. This is exactly what Associated Content and Ezine are for. You write articles, post them on these 2 sites and put a link to your site in the article. Be sure not to write original, high articles and see traffic go up like never before.

4. Propeller is a news sites. As a visitor you can vote which stories make the front page. You can submit a story, your article, on this site. Try to make it interesting enough so people vote for it…

5. OnlyWire offers you a button to publish your content everywhere. Well, not everywhere, but the list is long. You can pay $3 to use their ad free version or just use their ad supported version. This site has the potential to save you a lot of time posting your content.
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6. Twitter is a sure-fire way to get your site indexed Really quickly. And it’s easy enough to use a service like TwitterFeed to feed the RSS feed of your blog or website to your Twitter. You do have a Blog don’t you? If not, get one right away, make it a part of your site.

7. Offer stuff for free on your site. Make it valuable. It might seem like you’re giving away too much but it’s a good way to stand away from the crowd. Visitors will say “If he’s giving that away for free, imagine what he’ll deliver if I pay him!” It’s a good idea to offer free e-books and online courses. Ask people’s e-mail address to build up a nice list to send offers to.

8. Try to find blogs with the same topic as your site. Post your link as a comment. Be sure to offer proper value when doing this or your link will be deleted by the owner. .edu and .gov links are more valuable than others. You can do the same on forums which are related to your product, service or website.

9. Get your ads on sites related to your product. If you can get ads on indirect competitors’ sites, you’re likely to attract valuable prospects for your product.

10. I’ve saved the best for last. This is currently one of the best ways to get people to your site. Create a content video for your topic. Be sure it’s what your potential customers are looking for. Put a link to your site in the video and description. Spread the video to Youtube, Blogger, WordPress, social networking sites, etc. Be sure to use the correct keywords with the video.
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That’s it; your site should be higher up in the Google rankings. Don’t forget; don’t spam your site around. Create value for people looking for info and Google will love you!

Tell me about your experiences using these techniques by commenting on this post.

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