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Switching from Blogger to Intense Debate Blog Comment Form

One thing I don't understand (well there's a lot of things I don't understand, but for now let's just talk about this one thing) is why Blogger continues to keep its crappy comment form. Seriously, is there even someone who really likes it, or are they just forced to use it by default?

Top 6 things that ticks me when commenting on Blogger:
1. There's no box for visitors to leave an e-mail.
2. No avatars except for Blogger profiles. 
3. You have to choose from a drop down box, then input data from a pop-up.
4. Sometimes you are brought to a different screen/ there's a popup window for commenting.
5. Most of the time in Blogger blogs you need to log in to comment (for registered users/ Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, or OpenID).
6. Not integrated with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
~ How about you, what don't you like about Blogger comment forms?

So anyways, I have made a blogger blog and made the next logical step-- research for an appropriate blog commenting platform. Now there are actually 3 comment forms that came into consideration, namely the three most popular ones: Intense Debate, Lyvefire, and Disqus. For the purposes of Blogging Stage though, I have decided to install Intense Debate.

install intense debateTop 10 Reasons on why to choose Intense Debate as a Blog Commenting Platform:

I see Intense Debate as relatively dumb proof for the typical commenter. Everything is laid out very simply. You either log in (I usually use Facebook and Twitter) or place your Name/Email/Website then submit comment-- it's as simple as that! Remember this commenting platform came from the developers of WordPress, so I can see why they opted for something as simple as their own comment form. Hey, maybe they made this to get more mileage with their brand in Blogger blogs, I don't know about you but I think it's working.

intense debate comment form with facebook and twitter

1. Less Intimidating
I don't know about you guys but the presence of tabs (Discussion/ Community/ My Disqus) in Disqus and pop-ups then signing in for Lyvefire can be intimidating for the typical commenter. It feels like you have to jump through hoops and actually think before you can get on and leave a comment. I actually find Intense Debate more direct to the point.

2. Easy Subscription to Comments
At the upper right there is a small RSS icon. You can choose to subscribe for just that blog post or all blog posts, then you can use My Yahoo or Google or RSS or whatever you prefer to keep updated with future comments. You can even be updated through e-mail. Sometimes that is easier, especially for bloggers that want it the old fashion way.  

3. More Customizable Comment Form
There are a lot of you can customize in the comment form itself, from the size of the avatar, the color of the 'submit comment' button, disabling the intense debate attribution link, number of comments per page, disable timestamps, etc. Sometimes it's just fun to see the colors match your template.

4. Sorting Options
If enabled, you and your readers will be able to sort comments according to date, rating, or last activity. I think that is pretty smart, that way they can read according to their preference.

5. Good Use of E-mail
You can reply to comments through e-mail, get e-mail
Reply to comments through e-mail, get e-mail notification, and have nested comments facility.

6. Bunch of Plugins to choose from
All you have to do is go to the 'Sites' tab then 'Plugins' tab. You can have the AddThis bookmark service, a spell check for comments, option to share comments in Facebook, Commentluv to entice comments, PollDaddy, Smileys, TweetMeme, among other things.

intense debate plugins
7. Very Reliable Spam Filter
They use the well known Wordpress-used Akismet for spam filtering. You can moderate certain words, IP addresses, or e-mail addresses. You can also automatically delete comments with certain words and ban users as well.

8. Comment Votes and Reputation Points
I think it's the trend nowadays to thumbs up or thumbs down everything, and maybe it's because people want to have a say on stuff. And I guess with the reputation indicator, you can even feel good about yourself. People can also know how reliable you are as a commenter.

9. Comments Automatically Appear
Well, in almost all cases of Intense Debate blogs, and it is instantly gratifying. I find that I like to comment on ID blogs just to see the comments smoothly appear without the page reloading.

10. Do Follow Backlink
 I don't know why but I find that I can't remove the rel="no follow" tags in my Blogger blogs. In any case, you can use Intense Debate where comments are automatically Do Follow, if that's your cup of tea. Keep in mind though that Intense Debate uses Javascript to produce the links, which makes it especially hard for Search Engines to crawl over them.

So, what do you think? Do YOU use Intense Debate in your blog? Why or why not? What are your own experiences with the different commenting forms when it comes to commenting or receiving comments?

NOTE: I reverted back to the Blogger comment form because I found some people having a hard time exporting comments from Intense Debate to other comment forms. I don't want to have this problem in the future in case I do decide change my mind.

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