Thursday, January 30, 2014

Multiple adsense accounts posing risk

Multiple adsense accounts posing risk 

Multiple adsense accounts and risks posed

Lately many may have been banned from google adsense eventhough you use your account in a legit way.So lets see some common reasons why google bans users frequently.

Reasons for ban

1. Your account is posing risk to our advertisers
2. You are involved with fraud clicks/impressions
so many will be in the state of confusion and can’t actually figure out the exact reason why they were banned since further they can’t approach google to state a valid reason for their ban.
Your account is posing risk to our advertisers so what’s behind this statement ?
Google needs to protect both their advertisers/publishers so in either way they will support their publishers by offering high payouts and they protect their advertisers by giving them the right thing for what they paid.

Your website may lack in traffic so there will be no visitors to view the ads so to prevent this place ad blocks in pages that has unique contents don’t show ads in each and every page of your website.
The next thing is for invalid clicks/impressions
This really can’t be explained more as the title says it all you are banned for illegal activities such as invalid clicks or inflating page views with the means of any for this kind of reason you won’t have a second chance to reappeal and enroll again in google adsense program.

Multiple sign-in Feature

This is a new feature introduced by google multiple users can manage and use the same adsense account.The account holder must invite you to join and if he assigns admin role to you then you also can manage ads view reports etc.One key thing to notice is that the users who are invited must not use the same email id from which they are banned previously from adsense.This feature allows your friends and family members to get involved so should really thank google for this.

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