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Is Alexa rank really important

Is Alexa rank really important
It is the dream of almost every webmaster to get a good Alexa rank.But the question “why” is often not asked.Most people assume that, having good Alexa rank shows success and good traffic.In fact you are wrong, very wrong to be honest.Before we move on, let’s have a bit of an understanding on what Alexa is. is a website that provides information on websites found on the internet.While it provides accurate information, you have to keep in mind that, it only collects information from those who have Alexa tool bar installed and this is the biggest factor where people get the wrong idea on Alexa rankings.If a user visits your site with Alexa tool bar installed on their system, it collects data.But if the visitor does not use Alexa toolbar it does nothing.In other words your website may receive 10000 visitors/traffic a month, but if those visitors are not using Alexa toolbar it doesn’t do anything on your Alexa ranking.However if 10000 do use Alexa toolbar, your site may even get a better rank than most of the well known sites, even though those sites perform better in every way possible.

Do not feel bad if your Alexa rank isn’t good compared to other sites which are smaller in terms of content and visitor.It just means that more people visit those sites using Alexa toolbar and less people visit to your site.The only thing you should pay attention is to Google Analytics, in my opinion it provides fair information in terms of website performance and it is a fair game.Alexa on the other hand, some what forces people to download their toolbar in order to increase Alexa rank.

This issue is known by experienced website owners and they do not care much about the Alexa ranking.Because they know it is not that important, as it doesn’t play a major role on their website performance.But to those who do not know much about it, good Alexa rank does seem fancy.
My advice is, as a webmaster do not pay much attention to your Alexa rank. But focus on your website content and organic traffic.
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