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How To Open an Online Store With CMS For Less Than 30 Euros

Usually, when you want a website for your business, you go to a web design company or freelance web designer. You then go through the normal step by step process of creating a new site. This typically takes weeks, sometimes months. An online store can easily set you back 5000 – 10000 Euros.
You might be wondering what the alternative is if you can’t make it yourself, don’t know how anything works and don’t have time to find another solution…

That’s ok, because I’m going to tell you right now how to open an online store for under 30 Euros. You don’t need a degree in computer engineering or any degree for that matter to do it. Just keep reading and I’ll get you there.

The first thing you need to know is that there are tens of thousands of web designers and developers out there making sites for people who don’t want to have an expensive, custom site made. They sell them as templates, pre-made websites if you will. They understand how a site needs to look and feel to sell your products. All you need is to know where to find these templates. And just so you know, yes, they’re typically at least as well made as custom sites. It’s also pointless to worry about having just another copy since you can customize just about everything with the click of a button.

The second thing you need to know is that there is a free platform, WordPress. Using this platform you can put WordPress templates online. These templates range from blogs (like the one you’re on), shops and corporate websites to social networking sites and more. The platform includes CMS (content management system), which allows you to change almost anything without needing to know how to make websites. It also allows you to update content like products, prices, everything.

There are countless of templates out there for you to buy for pocket change. My favourite template site is ThemeForest. It features some of the best templates at amazing prices.

How To Open an Online Store With CMS For Less Than 30 Euros

Another site to get templates is Templatemonster. They have over 1000 themes.
Once you’ve picked a suitable template you have to install WordPress on your webserver. If you don’t have a webserver, I suggest you use a webserver that has automatic installation like Versio (I use this one myself). All you have to do if you use Versio is select WordPress in your DirectAdmin and click install. Everything else is easy. If you’re not from Europe, pick one of these hosts: WordPress Hosting. It’s recommended that you choose a host that’s close to where your customers are. Overseas webservers tend to load slower. If you need to install WordPress manually simply follow these instructions: How To Install WordPress on your Webserver.
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Once you have your webserver set up with WordPress follow the instructions provided with your template. Most templates come with instructions and are extremely easy to install and set up! Once everything is set up you can start marketing your Online Store. Don’t forget, setting up an online store is just the first step. Just like with real stores, just creating them won’t make people buy. The next step is marketing. You can read other articles on this blog to learn how to do that.

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