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How to make money from your blog ?

How to make money from your blog ?
Making money online from your blog  in today’s world is not new. But the biggies have already been there and done that. Lots and lots of them. So if the idea is to start this now in 2012 or beyond, it’s going to be an uphill task. Make no mistakes on that.
But it must be useful to know how you can make money via blogging. After all, many bloggers have made a killing in the past doing just that.

How to make money from your blog ?

1. Advertising

This should be pretty simple to understand. On your blog you can run advertisements like Google Adsense to earn some income. Google Adsense is one of the most common income method for bloggers around the world.
Advertisements like Adsense automatically check the content of your website to show what advertisements to show. You simply need to put a piece of code on your pages to make it appear. These work on a cost per click basis – so you get paid when someone clicks on the ads.
There are other forms of advertising also like textual ads, ads in RSS feeds, impression based ads which can also contribute bit by bit to make your monthly income a fat paycheck.

2. Consultancy

I have seen many bloggers providing consultancy on a per hour basis. They can talk on anything on making money online, blogging in general, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Internet Marketing. Niche topics like getting out of Google Panda and Penguin impact is also included.
My observation on this is that there is a dearth of well educated people who can provide such services. So the ones that are available are thriving and will thrive. Most of the small businesses cannot afford to spend a huge sum of money into marketing and maintaining their online presence so such consultancy services will flourish.
I recommend that if you are serious about making money, look at this option very closely.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another favorite for many. When you have hordes of visitors on your website, you can be sure that a few percentage of might be looking to buy new products and services and are on your blog for reviewing such products. That is the right place to convert them into customers.
You can offer them the services through your websites and by doing so, you earn a small commission.
You need to be careful with affiliates as this can turn off customers who might think that you are running a website or blog to push products under their nose.

4. Get employed !

Most of the big firms and corporations are looking for geeks who know about online marketing in and out. So while you start as a small time blogger, the reputation that you build over a period of time can help you land a salaried job with a fat pay check.
Once you demonstrate that you are good, you will get picked up by the best businesses around. Getting back to a 9-5 job might not be your cup of tea but this avenue is still open to you should you desire so.

5.  Selling online resources

Many bloggers sell resources online. So it could be e-books which you have made on topics like ‘How to beat the Hulk’ to ‘Why does the Dark Knight always rise ?’ to ‘How to cook food without your wife around’.
Visitors coming to your website will invest in these products as educational materials always have the selling point of teaching things better. Apart from e-books, you could also sell seminars online and teach clients on topics that are your niche.

6. Charge readers for content

I don’t think this is a smart thing to do but here you are asking readers to pay to read for your site !
I already get turned off by blogs and websites that expect me to sign up just to browse or read articles. On top of that you are expecting me to pay to do the same. And that too when there are hundreds of free blogs available with equal or better content.
Doesn’t work for blogs for everyone but a few have demonstrated that it is successful to a small scale.

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7. Others

There exists other online opportunities where you can make a quick buck. Speaking opportunities at meets, seminars and events on the topic of your niche can earn you decent income. In fact, there have been people who have made a killing with this as speaking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
Writing online editorials for someone else can also fetch you income if you become a known face in the blogosphere. This is an expensive job so be rest assured that you will get paid well.
You can also open up a channel of business partnerships with fellow bloggers who have the same interest as you do. Blog networks where bloggers write for each other work well.
There is another selling option bloggers have which is to sell merchandise like T-shirts, CDs, mugs and other artifacts online. Again, this is not very rampant but this is an option that can be leveraged.
Flipping blogs or selling blogs with a much sought after domain name or ones that have become a huge rage is another option. Again, not everyone can do this but if this is your ultimate goal, then go full guns blazing.
Are you aware of any other ways on how to make money from your blog ?

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