Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to get more followers on Twitter

How to get more followers on Twitter 

Social networks have a huge impact on the net today and having a huge fan base, followers and subscribers is an essential key to success.But how do you get people to follow you on Twitter.The question is quite easy to answer and very simple to understand.

Just keep in mind that, before you start posting tweets, you should have a website or blog with content to read and follow.Once you get this task out of your way, you are ready to move on with promoting your content on Twitter.Now lets get to the main point and have a bit of an understanding on how to get Twitter followers.

First step to getting Twitter followers is how Twitter works and how people behave on Twitter.Just about every Twitter user is craving for followers and as soon as you follow them, they follow you back.This is called follow and follow back routine.This routine is used by almost every Twitter user and is the standard method for getting more followers on Twitter.Quite simple isn’t it?But keep in mind, for better performance and to get royal readers, you should always aim for those who have the same interest as you.

Second step to getting Twitter followers is by creating fake accounts/users and follow yourself.While this is a cheap trick, most people do it from time to time.It helps them feel positive and feel as if they are on the right track.While these fake accounts don’t help you with the performance of your website, blog, ad revenue or sales.It gives advertisers and others an impression as if you are popular on the net.Also I must say that some people manage to create quite a number of fake accounts/users and you know what they say, “numbers add up”.

Third step to getting Twitter followers is by providing rich and useful content and actually have real fans and followers.This however takes time and effort, but provides the best performance overall.This is why, you should always focus on your content, rather than traffic and promoting at first.

Fourth step to getting Twitter followers is a bit costly and I find this method to be waste of money and time.This method involves buying Twitter followers by third party websites.Keep in mind that, there is no guarantee and most of these sites end up as a scam.Even if they could actually provide you with real followers, most of them turns out to be bots or people with no real interest in what you provide.I highly suggest, you stay away from such methods to save your money and time.However there are couple third party websites that provide quality Twitter followers, but it is hard to find those websites.


If there are any other methods you may have regarding to getting Twitter followers, please do mention it in the comments.

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