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How To Get Massive Traffic From Google Images

How To Get Massive Traffic From Google Images
It’s quite easy to get traffic from Google images. There is less competition with images because not all websites have images with correct keywords. Most webmasters don’t even try getting traffic from images because they don’t know how it works. This means knowing how to get traffic from this source is a serious advantage for almost any site. Sites that are not related to images at all like the one you’re on right now don’t benefit from Google image traffic. In this article I will explain how to get traffic from this source and which websites will benefit the most.
For your images to be effective they need to be related to your blog. Untargeted traffic is useless and Google will notice you’re trying to fool people if you put unrelated images on your site. The best niches for Google image traffic can be found relatively easily. All you have to do is ask yourself what people look for when they look for images. Examples of potentially profitable niches are funny images, celebrities and of course all kinds of nude images.
    So how do you actually get the traffic to your website? Here is a list of factors that seem to be most important:
- Keywords in the post or page content
- Keywords in the post or page Title, Description and Tags
- Keywords in the picture’s title and descriptions
- Keywords in the picture’s alt tag
- Keywords in the picture’s name (give every picture a different name, not numbers!)
As always, it’s important to do proper keyword research if you want to know which images are going to get the most traffic.
    Exact steps to take to get traffic:
Depending on what you already have, you can skip some steps.

Step 1: Make a blog. You can integrate a blog in your current site or make a new one using one of these free blogging sites:
- WordPress (recommended)
- TypePad (paid service, easier to set up than most)
- Blogger

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Step 2: Post articles about your topic. Put the keywords in the title of the posts. Be sure to use the keywords in the text content of the blog. Put pictures in the post. If you don’t have pictures you can find them using Google. Be sure you’re allowed to put the pictures on your site. Some pictures are protected by copyright laws and shouldn’t be put on your site without proper permission. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can put pictures on your site that are your property or buy royalty free pictures. Here are some websites with royalty free pictures:
- ShutterStock
- DreamsTime
- iStockphoto
- FreeDigitalPhotos
- PublicDomainPictures
Don’t forget, when you name the pictures, use a different name every time without forgetting to put in the keyword.
If your keyword is “Cute Kitten”, here are some effective picture names:
- Cute Kitten Playing.jpg
- Cute Kitten Sleeping.jpg
- Cute Kitten Eating.jpg
- Cute Kitten Being Cute.jpg
- Cute Kitten playing with puppy.jpg
- Cute Kitten On Laptop.jpg

Step 3: Set up your website or blog to have search engine friendly URLs. A good URL for this blog would be:
Google will actually know this is a blog and it’s about cute kittens, so when people look for cute kittens, this blog is more likely to be on top than something like this:

A good way to do set this up on your blog if you use WordPress is to install the All-In-One-SEO-Pack.
Once you have everything set up, make it a habit to properly set up the pictures on your site or blog and you should see a dramatic increase in traffic. And don’t forget, people will only visit your site if the pictures are good enough so use awesome pictures!

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