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How to become a successful blogger
People love to blog, because it gives them the chance to share their ideas, opinions, and interests.It can even bring in some extra cash on the side through advertising and affiliate marketing.It is a great opportunity to be able to earn money by doing something you love.There are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there, but only few are successful.So what is the key to become a successful blogger?
Here are the key elements to become a successful blogger.
  • Determination
  • Good niche
  • Ability to keep up with your posts, comments, and blog.
  • Goal oriented.
  • Understanding skills of internet
  • Understanding skills of people
  • Understanding skills of a blog
  • Keeping track of your blog and results
You can write for a day or two.But I have seen people who start a blog and write couple articles for couple days and expect to see reults right away and once they don’t see results they just give up and stop blogging.Well the answer is, there is no quick way to become popular or successful.Blogging takes time and effort.Also most of these people intend to make money off blogging and once they can’t see the “get rich quick” scene, they just give up.In order to become a successful blogger you have to write useful and rich content.At least write couple articles a day to provide something new, in order to become successful.On top of that if you want to make money from blogging, you have to put in twice as the effort to achieve that.So be determined and do not give up.
This is one of the most important parts of blogging.Choosing a niche can be a though decision, that is why before you start a blog site or start blogging you have to do a little research on what is hot and what is not.Search for popular products or searched keywords.But my advice is chose what you are good and what you know, doesn’t matter if it is a popular niche or not.With enough effort and time you can make it very successful.You also have the option to be what I call “be all over the place”, this refers to blogging on just about any topic you would like.This gives your readers more categories to choose from.
Also do not just write your articles and abandon your articles and comments.This will drive away your users, because it simply shows you do not care.You are just trying to fill your blog with content and that is all you care about.Avoid this, interact with your readers and users.Reply to answers and comments, update your posts when needed.This will show your readers and users that you are serious about what you do and you provide up to date information.
Set goals for yourself and for your blog.Goals could be;
  • Writing 40 articles in a week
  • Getting 5 new users in a week
  • Getting 100 more new visitors
  • Receiving 10 new comments a week
  • Selling a product by the end of week
  • Earning $100 from ad networks by the end of week
  • Becoming a known and popular blogger, writer, publisher
These are just some examples of the goals you can set.This is important because with determination and goals you tend to work harder until you achieve it.In time your efforts will result in a great reward or maybe an award =)
Other than blogging, you have to understand how internet works.Such as SEO, search engines, searched keywords and terms.This is important, because it will result in promoting and advertising your blog and drive traffic.Remember
 no traffic = fail, more traffic = win!
Understanding people is also important.Try to figure out what they would search for, what their interests would be, what they would like to read, do most people enjoy reading or visual, what would people type in search engines for related articles.Asking yourself these questions will result in understanding of peoples behavior and psychology.You would know how to target your audience easier.
Learn how a blog behaves, what it does and what it is capable of doing.There are so many ways to improve a blog.This could be SEO, layout and design, content wise, advertisement wise and etc…Experiment with your blog in every way you can to achieve the best possible performance over all.
Don’t just charge full speed and keep writing only.Observe your blog, search engine ranks, traffic sources, people, comments, popularity, link backs, likes and dislikes of people about your blog, your posts.Always keep track of your blog in every shape and form.Take what is a plus about your blog and improve it, and find out the minus sides and turn it into a plus.
These are just some of many important factors on becoming a successful blogger.I hope this article was helpful to you in anyway.

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