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GoDaddy Website Hosting Review

GoDaddy Website Hosting Review

GoDaddy can be easily considered as one of the most popular and talked-about website hosting provider, with Super Bowl commercials and endorsements by celebrities and famous personalities. It’s not hard to see why over 51 million domains are registered and managed by GoDaddy. Over 9.9 million customers chose GoDaddy as their website hosting provider because of three key factors: competitive rates, impressive features and services and reliable customer service.

GoDaddy currently has five facilities all over the US, with almost 3,500 employees and 500 in-house developers. All website hosting operations are run from these facilities with no outsourced tasks, including customer service which is often the source of frustration for customers.
 What separate GoDaddy from its competitors is its multi-location servers which are scattered all over the US, Europe and in key areas in the Asia-Pacific. This allows customers to enjoy fast website loading times no matter where their site visitors are located. GoDaddy customers are also guaranteed a 99% uptime with the data centers’ redundant network and 24/7 monitoring and security on-site.

Price and Plan

 There are three major service packages being offered by GoDaddy and the current prices listed on its website are promotional and discounted rates for new customers:
  • Economy 4GH
    • $5.99 per month for a minimum service period of three months
    • $5.69 per month for 12-months (outright payment of $68.28)
    • $5.39 per month for 24-months (outright payment of $129.36)
    • $4.99 per month for 36-months (outright payment of $179.64)
  • Deluxe 4GH
    • $6.99 per month for a minimum service period of one month
    • $6.64 per month for 12-months (outright payment of $79.68)
    • $6.29 per month for 24-months (outright payment of $150.96)
    • $5.94 per month for 36-months (outright payment of $213.84)
  • Unlimited 4GH
    • $9.99 per month for a minimum service period of one month
    • $9.49 per month for 12-months (outright payment of $113.88)
    • $8.99 per month for 24-months (outright payment of $215.76)
    • $8.49 per month for 36-months (outright payment of $305.64)
Customers can choose other services that they wish to add to their account which may not be included in the service package that they subscribe to. Email Deluxe, for example, gives customers personalized email addresses and 2GB of email storage for $2.49 per month for a 12-month service period. Other add-on services include domain name registration ($1.99 for the first year), SSL Certificates ($62.99/year) and search engine visibility ($2.99/month for 12 months).
 Customers can pay using all major credit cards, gift cards, checks and PayPal.
 GoDaddy uses 4GH (4th Generation Hosting) which increases the speed, reliability and security of its web hosting services.
 4GH makes use of a multi-cluster server system which ensures that all the websites it manages is always running at peak capacity without overbearing the servers which causes them to crash. On top of that, this technology allows load-balancing and automatic bandwidth adjustments so that during sudden traffic increases, the load is directed to multiple servers to avoid slowing down your website.
 Your website’s security is also maximized using cutting-edge security software which are monitored 24/7 by GoDaddy developers and technical staff.
 With the 4GH technology, GoDaddy guarantees a 99.9% uptime to its customers and that customer support will be available all day, every day for any inquiries, issues or technical problems.
 Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not offer money-back guarantees unlike other website hosting providers except in the event that your website transfer from a different provider to GoDaddy experiences technical difficulties that could prevent the transfer from taking place.


 Aside from the 4GH technology that comes with all service packages, GoDaddy has a lot of other useful features for its website hosting customers.
 Although disk space is limited depending on the service package (except for the Ultimate 4GH package), the monthly data transfer is unlimited across the board.
 GoDaddy website hosting protects its customers’ websites using SSH Access (Secure Shell) and FTP over SSL which encrypts credentials and data as it is passing through the network. Website administrators will also be able to review the Raw Access Logs which charts all the users who have accessed their website’s account.
 Also included in GoDaddy’s web hosting packages is $50 worth of Facebook Marketing credits to give customers a head start on advertising their websites in a platform that has over 100 million users. Fotolia Photo credits are also included to give customers access to over eight million stock photos that they can use for their websites.
 eCommerce functionalities can be added by integrating either osCommerce, ZenCart and PinnacleCart, as well as online forums or bulletin boards using phpBB, Vanilla Forum or SMF.
 Customers have multiple ways to get in touch with a customer or technical service representative. GoDaddy can be reached through a toll-free number and email. Website support is also available through the GoDaddy Support page and the online forum that is frequented by customers and company representatives.
 If you’re planning to call GoDaddy’s customer service, you can check their website’s Support page to see how long (or short) the expected waiting time is until you are connected with a representative.
 Customers can also create support tickets from the GoDaddy website although it is not indicated how long you’ll have to wait to get a response or a solution for your issue.

 Ease of Use

 If you are an amateur website administrator or owner, worry not because GoDaddy’s website hosting packages include access to its Hosting Concierge service. This feature basically allows you to work with a dedicated setup team to help you get started on GoDaddy’s platform. An exclusive phone number will be sent to you through your email and this service is only available within 30-days of signing up.
 If you weren’t able to get in touch with the Hosting Concierge team, you can opt to set up your website on your own using GoDaddy’s one-click set up system.
 Customers can also choose between a Linux or Windows-based platform depending on whichever is easier to use for them. There is very little difference between the features that are offered in each platform so it really boils down to personal preferences.
 The customers can choose between different content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, MODx and PostNuke which can be fully integrated into the GoDaddy platform.
 Even if you are new to the website hosting world, GoDaddy does its best to provide services and features that are uncomplicated and easy to master.

One Final Note

Godaddy has updated their hosting quite a bit.  We tested the responsiveness of Godaddy web hosting about 2 years ago and we not impressed.  But, things seems to have gotten better.  if you use Godaddy as your domain name registrar and want to have a one stop shop for your domains and web hosting, then Godaddy web hosting may be a good choice for you.

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