Friday, January 3, 2014

Cheap .CO Domains

 Cheap .CO Domains
Looking to buy a cheap .co domain? As of the time of writing this, you may have to wait a little while.

.CO domains are the newest up-and-coming top level domain registrar. It has been a long time since there has been a quality recognizable top level domain extension release. CO is a multi purpose registrar that stand for “company”, “corporation”, “commerce”, “communication” and much more, making .CO domains the most versatile global top level domain, maybe ever

The current downfall of .co domains is that they aren’t always exactly cheap. The .CO domain registrar is rolling out the extension in various phases to allow trademark owners and others priority access to their domains.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you want a cheap .co domain, it may not happen just yet. Right now it will cost anywhere from $280-$300 USD to register a .co domain.

Don’t fret though, after July 2010, the price of .co domains will become much lower in price when they drop to about $30/year, or maybe even cheaper once they are available on a first come, first serve basis.
For now, anyone wishing to pay a little extra and get first dibbs on a .co domain can do so by ordering in the pre-registration phase for about $300 at Godaddy

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