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Adsense ad placements and display related ads

Adsense ad placements and display related ads

Adsense ad placements

Your site not capable of pulling the maximum with adsense ads don’t know the exact placement of ads in your websites ?? Your site provides valuable content though you don’t get much clicks ? in short in this post we will discuss the exact ad placements to increase your click rate.

So your site structure is considered a vital thing when you work with adsense so choose a theme that will match your needs exactly.And the next important thing is the content that plays a major role in adsense so do provide quality contents to your readers and keep them engaged in your website activities.

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Exact adsense ad placements
There are two ways in placing adsense ads
1. Above the fold ads
2. Below the fold ads

Above the fold ads
If you place ads in top or before the middle part of your website then that is said to be above the fold ads and it usually performs better than the below fold ads.

Below the fold ads
If you place ads in the bottom of your website then that type is below the fold ads in general they perform less when compared with the above fold ads.

Recommended ad placements
You can place 1 ad block at the beginning of the content and one at the end of the content users after reading your post definitely will look for some external links for more reference so placing a ad block at the end of the contents usually works.

Ad sizes that performs well

Google adsense ads are of various formats that involves both text/image ads.The following sizes works well
  • 336*280 (Large rectangle)
  • 300*250 (Medium rectangle)
  • 728*90 (Leader board)
  • 160*600 (Wide Skyscraper)
  • 300*600 (Large Skyscraper)

Display relevant adsense ads in your websites

So each keyword varies in search counts,cpc and also in search trends you will get the appropriate cpc only if ads related to your keywords are displayed in your websites.So how to display ads related to your content so that you may increase cpc and earn more with google adsense.

Steps to carry out on how to display relevant ads in your websites
Few steps to be followed that are explained here have a look and do accordingly so that relevant ads are displayed in your websites.

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