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4 killer ways to increase pageviews

4 killer ways to increase pageviews
Today I’d like to talk about a key factor that it’s very important to make money blogging.
Most bloggers, especially newbies, just think about daily unique visitors and Alexa or Technorati rankings, but are forgetting about a very important factor: pageviews.
Not only for private advertising, but also for if you’re using CPM based advertising, pageviews should really be taken care of.

As mybloggerhelper.com stats show now an average of 3.2 pageviews per visitor, I thought it would be nice to share some tips about how to increase pageviews.
The post shouldn’t be too long, as the tips are pretty easy to be applied and don’t require special skills.

How to increase daily pageviews

Quickly said, if you want to increase your daily pageviews you just need to ask your readers to do it.
The way to ask it isn’t the way you’re thinking about, it’s by inviting them to explore your site, to navigate through your blog’s categories, doing it on such a way that the readers won’t realize they’re visiting new pages again and again, doing it on a natural way.
How to do it? Easy.
1) Link your site: When time goes on, your blog will have quite a nice amount of pages with quite a nice amount of posts that, after a few day, will just die, unless you’re ranking high on search engines so people can still be visiting an old post.
Linking your site is the way to go.
As an example, let’s say you’re talking about how to increase pageviews, as I’m doing today. This post could be related to the one I wrote some weeks ago about how to increase the average time spent on your site, so I would just say, somewhere within the post:
“Increasing the pageviews will also have a positive impact on the average time spent on your blog, increasing it.”
As you see, I’ve linked to another post, increasing both the pageviews and the average time spent on my blog. Got it?
2)      Related posts: Related posts is a wordpress plugin you can’t ignore, really. You can add a related post section using two plugins:
  1. Add post footer plugin: This plugin will Automatically add the ad code, related post, optional custom paragraph or Technorati tags to the end of every posts.
You will find instructions about how to install it and add the code when you download the plugin. It’s pretty simple, it’s the plugin I’m using to display the related post section at the end of each post, and to display the subscribe to mybloggerhelper option.
2. Contextual Related Posts: Display a list of contextually related posts for the current post.
You can select the number of posts to display and if you want to automatically display the related posts in your content / feed.
Now, you can choose to exclude posts from certain categories as well as exclude pages.
3.If you’re using blogger, you can use such a feature on a different way. You can go to this blogspot blog which explains it pretty well.
3)      SEO: As stated above, having a good SEO performance will lead to a higher indexed pages amount at a higher ranking, so you’ll keep receiving visitors, no matter how old your post is.
This isn’t easy to achieve, but it worth the time to try to get it. Apart from that, it’s targeted traffic, so it’s even better.
4)      An ebook: I always prefer to giveaway an ebook for free rather than selling it. A 30 pages ebook should be free, really, as there won’t be enough information to ask for money (except for a few examples).
You can include links within the ebook to your blog. That’s a great way to make profit out of your ebook without asking money for it. You’ll see a big increase both for unique visitors and pageviews.
If you want to go even further, use Aweber services and increase your subscribers / email list number.
Do you have more ways to increase pageviews? Drop a comment, I’ll update the post and link to your blog, a dofollow link with your chosen anchor text!

Thanks for reading.

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