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how to choose the best keywords for your website

The term "keywords" simply means a text string that people use to find your blog on search engines.

Knowing keywords with a high volume of searches is useful when choosing the title of your blog and also the titles of your posts.

You can find out how many people search for a particular keyword by using Google Keywords tool

Lets say for example you have a blog about makeup and beauty, you might query keywords as the example shows

keywords for your website

Different keywords will have different levels of competition and monthly searches

Keyword                 Competition     Global Monthly Searches

Beauty tips               High                  90,500
makeup tips              High                  27,100 
beauty blog               Low                  18,100
makeup blog             Low                  9.900
makeup tutorials       Medium            6,600
make up blog            Low                  6,600
make up tutorials      Low                  5,400
makeup reviews        Medium            2,400

Note. It's important to notice "makeup blog" and "make up blog"  have different numbers, any gap or extra letters changes the keyword.

So lets just say your blog is called  "ILoveBeauty", if you have a very strong blog, your title might want to look something like

"MakeUp Tips | Beauty Blog - ILoveBeauty" 

(you can use a "|" or "-" as separators it doesn't matter just looks neater) 

Or you could target something easier like

"MakeUp Tutorials and Reviews - ILoveBeauty"

A good indication of how strong your blog is, is 3.PageRank.

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